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  1. we regret to inform you
    M.I.A. Chose the Worst Possible Time to Tell Us She’s an Anti-VaxxerThis week in We Regret to Inform You During a Pandemic.
  2. payday
    M.I.A. Creates a Patreon to *Cash Register Ding* Take Your MoneyThe “Paper Planes” singer promises exclusive videos, livestreams, and more in return.
  3. reconsiderations
    Believing Women, and the Gaslighting of M.I.A.The big revelation of MAYA / MATANGI / M.I.A. is how it vindicates the singer at its heart.
  4. trailer mix
    M.I.A.’s Documentary Will See the Light of Day; Here’s the Trailer to Prove ItIts director previously leaked the trailer, sending the film into development limbo.
  5. The Best Music Videos of 2017 (So Far)Kendrick Lamar, M.I.A., and Migos have dominated the year in visuals.
  6. 10 Years After Its Release, M.I.A.’s Kala Is a Reflection of a Different WorldWhen it was released in 2007, M.I.A.’s Kala was a noisy album full of paranoia and anger, but how does it hold up a decade later?
  7. videology
    M.I.A. Made Another Visually Arresting Feat of Music Video for ‘P.O.W.A.’Give this all the awards.
  8. right-click
    M.I.A. Calls Out Rihanna, Madonna, Mariah, and Ariana in Her New Song ‘Powa’The singer teased the song’s lyrics ahead of its release.
  9. right-click
    M.I.A. Releases Her Maybe-Last Album, AIMIt features Skrillex, Zayn Malik, and Diplo.
  10. the jukebox
    Listen to M.I.A.’s New Zayn Malik Collaboration, ‘Freedun’It’s a good one!
  11. fall preview 2016
    M.I.A., Pop’s Provocateur, Says Good-byeM.I.A. is saying that September’s dance-pop salvo A.I.M. will be her last album.
  12. right-click
    Frenemies M.I.A. and Diplo Finally Reunite on ‘Bird Song’Their love is free-ish.
  13. vmas 2016
    M.I.A. Accuses the VMAs of Racism Over Snub“This is a perfect example of ‘allowed’ voice versus excluded voices. Even if you direct it.”
  14. festivals
    M.I.A. Will Not Headline Afropunk London After AllThe festival initially defended the singer’s Black Lives Matter comments.
  15. right-click
    M.I.A. and Skrillex ‘Go Off’ on New Song, From What Might Be Her Last AlbumAIM finally arrives on September 9.
  16. festivals
    Afropunk Stands by M.I.A. But Says #BLMM.I.A. will perform at the London festival.
  17. right-click
    M.I.A. Shares New Song, ‘POC That Still a Ryda’“I’m here for every color, including Black Lives Matter.”
  18. right-click
    Hear M.I.A.’s New Song, ‘MIA OLA–Foreign Friend’She comes for U.S. immigration again, natch.
  19. 8 Best New Songs of the WeekChris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow consciously re-couple and Erykah Badu says “Hello” right back to Adele.
  20. videology
    Watch M.I.A.’s Topical Music Video for ‘Borders’She dedicated the video to her uncle, who helped her family leave Sri Lanka.
  21. videology
    M.I.A. Debuts New Short Film on Apple MusicIt includes the new song “Swords,” off her just-announced new album.
  22. cultural appropriation
    M.I.A. Says She Can’t Release Her New Video Because of ‘Cultural Appropriation’The artist spoke out on Twitter.
  23. M.I.A. Still Really Hates DiploAnd for good reason.
  24. right-click
    Listen to M.I.A.’s New Song“Can See Can Do.”
  25. videology
    Watch the M.I.A.-Directed Video for M.I.A.’s ‘Double Bubble Trouble’So many political undertones.
  26. vulture festival
    Vulture Fest: M.I.A., OITNB, Broad City, & More!May 10 and 11 in New York City.
  27. holograms
    M.I.A. and Janelle Monae Got Holograms(They are still alive.)
  28. the law
    The NFL Wants $16.6 Million From M.I.A. NowFor that one tiny little finger.
  29. videology
    ‘Y.A.L.A.’ Video: M.I.A.’s Epilepsy WarningYou Always Live Again.
  30. explanations
    M.I.A.’s Super Bowl Middle Finger Was a Spiritual ActSays M.I.A.
  31. unlikely bffs
    Watch Julian Assange Open M.I.A’s ShowVia Skype, of course.
  32. right-click
    Stream M.I.A.’s New Album, MatangiIt’s in full, on YouTube.
  33. mottos
    M.I.A. Is Not Having Any of Your YOLOShe prefers “Y.A.L.A.”
  34. super bowl
    M.I.A. Is Really Bored by This NFL LawsuitAbout her middle finger at the Super Bowl. Remember that?
  35. right-click
    M.I.A. Would Like Some Company During Her WorkoutCheck out “Come Walk With Me.”
  36. Watch the Leaked Teaser for M.I.A.’s DocumentaryIt was leaked by its director, who has already quit the project.
  37. videology
    ‘Bring the Noize’ Video: M.I.A. Does Not Obey Dress CodesThat is some very pink hair.
  38. radio vulture
    Rosen: The Music You Missed While You Were Freaking Out Over YeezusThe release of Kanye West’s Yeezus sucked all the air out of the musical universe this week. Yet pop music went on.
  39. right-click
    M.I.A’s ‘Bring the Noize’ Does That, Pretty MuchHear her new single.
  40. steal blogs
    M.I.A. Says the Grammys Stole Her Set Design“IM KEEPING A STEAL LOG THIS YEAR.”
  41. delays
    M.I.A.’s Album Delayed Thanks to Too Many Good VibesInterscope told her that Matangi is “too positive.”
  42. year in culture
    The Top Ten Music Videos of 2012Lana! Fiona! And Danny Brown, of course.
  43. m.i.a.
    See M.I.A. Show Off Her Art BookGood job!
  44. music
    New M.I.A. Coming in DecemberPlus an autobiography and some art and whatnot.
  45. right-click
    Babies and Runaways: New Music From M.I.A., the Killers, NasOooh, it’s the Kelis song.
  46. madonna
    Watch Madonna Kiss Nicki MinajMadge and Nicki sittin’ in a tree …
  47. non beefs
    M.I.A. Tried to Pick a Fight With Anderson CooperBut Anderson wins the day.
  48. music
    Nicki Minaj is a Little Disappointed With M.I.A.Over the Super Bowl middle-finger gesture.
  49. Madonna Isn’t Pleased With M.I.A.Madge addresses the middle-finger incident.
  50. rock-star demands
    M.I.A.’s Tour Rider: European Cheese, Women Wearing Burkas“High Speed internet — MUST HAVE.”
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