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  1. r.i.p.
    Michael Apted, Director of the Up Series, Dead at 79“I hope to do 84 Up when I’ll be 99.”
  2. movie review
    Movie Review: 56 Up Is More Social Anthropology Than PsychologyThe film misses out on intimacy.
  3. movie review
    Chasing Mavericks: This Surfing Movie Is Point BlahHow could two Oscar-nominated filmmakers (Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted) have worked on this stiff surfing movie?
  4. breaking
    Director Michael Apted Joins Marc Cherry’s Hallelujah ChorusIt’s his first big TV gig since ‘Rome.’
  5. chat room
    Director Michael Apted on Why the New Narnia Film Was ‘a Bit of a Struggle’“It was a pretty grueling ride. There were a lot of fingers in the pie.”
  6. the industry
    Tom Arnold Yells at 19-Year-Old Boys OnlineAlso: Michael Apted + User Generated Content = Democracy!
  7. the industry
    Prince to Give It Away in the U.K.Prince’s new album, Planet Earth, will be given away for free in British newspapers this summer, angering British music retailers, who had hoped to sell the album in exchange for British money, which is called “pounds” instead of “dollars.”
  8. the industry
    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler