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Michael Ausiello

  1. blind item
    Who Is Shonda Rhimes Trying to Get Rid of Now?Which lead male character on a popular drama will contract HIV this season?
  2. Katherine Heigl’s Least Believable Excuses“Yes. [Laughs]”
  3. Katherine Heigl Finally Leaving Grey’s AnatomyAusiello: “Her final episode as Izzie has already aired.”
  4. blind items
    Which Male Heroes Character [Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler]?Spoiler, spoiler!
  5. departures
    Dr. O’Malley: DeadT.R. Knight has been let out of his contract, says Michael Ausiello.
  6. So About the Ending of Last Night’s Grey’s AnatomySo who survived?
  7. tube junkie
    David Duchovny’s Sex Life Takes a Turn for the WorseKathleen Turner is all set to join the cast of ‘Californication.’
  8. girdles
    Which TV Actor Wears a Girdle?Whose “expansive — and expanding — waistline” necessitates a girdle and may soon call for an on-set intervention?
  9. vows
    Somebody’s Getting Married (on Lost)But who? And, more importantly, WHEN?
  10. blind items
    TV Reporters Spoil Each Other’s Blind ItemsMichael Ausiello and Kristin Dos Santos both just posted blind items on a “shocking spoiler” and both gave different clues.
  11. inside baseball
    Ugly Betty Will Live! (But Then Again, It Might Not)Maybe now’s a good time to start forwarding orthodontic rubber bands to ABC Entertainment Group president Stephen McPherson’s office.