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Michael Buble

  1. roll clip!
    Paul McCartney’s Carpool Karaoke Now Has 100 Percent More ChristmasCome together and watch.
  2. corden v buble
    It’s Penis Theories Galore In Michael Buble’s Carpool Karaoke“It’s like a buoy sitting in the middle of an ocean.”
  3. duets
    Reese Witherspoon Will Sing With Michael BubléOn his upcoming album.
  4. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: What Makes Zachary Quinto Exude Serial Killer?Plus: Stephen Colbert has beef with Sir Ian McKellen, GayLord of the Rings, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  5. Left Handed Radio: ‘Like Bradley Cooper in ‘Limitless"’ On this live episode: Thomas Edison gets up to mischief with his new invention, Darrel Dactyl goes on a job interview, Baldanzi is assigned a […]
  6. clickables
    Watch Musicians Analyze Scott Wieland’s ‘Winter Wonderland’At least the dude from Mumford & Sons likes Weiland’s scarf.
  7. michael buble
    Watch Michael Buble and Kelly Rowland’s ‘White Christmas’ DuetMichael Buble and Kelly Rowland make everything merry and bright.
  8. Jimmy Fallon Reminds You Again Not to Miss SNL This Weekend Michael Bublé must’ve been feeling left out of the first round of SNL promos this week, because the show just released a second round, in […]
  9. christmas
    Watch Scott Weiland Basically Impersonate Michael Buble“Oh no, someone tell Uncle Scott to sit down!”
  10. michael buble
    See Michael Buble and Ed Helms’s Alter Egos, Duffy and ValhallaFor Michael Buble’s upcoming Christmas special.
  11. Merry Michael Bublé Christmas to You and You and You If you like smoothly sweeping melodies and creamy, velvety voices (and who doesn’t?!), every year is A Michael Bublé Christmas. But this year […]
  12. money
    And the Top-Selling Albums of 2010 Are …Take a guess in your head, and then click through to see if you were right!
  13. quote machine
    Taylor Lautner’s Got Mad BeefPlus: Ashton Kutcher suffers a crisis of confidence.
  14. overnights
    SNL Recap: Jon Hamm and Michael BubleSergio!
  15. tv
    Watch Jon Hamm and Michael Buble’s SNL Promo Spots
  16. oprah
    Oprah Will Soon Rule the Music Industry TooJust ask Michael Buble.
  17. quote machine
    Robert Smith Unable to Think of Mean Things to Say About Ashlee SimpsonMatt Groening, Lauren Bacall, and more!