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  1. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: It Gets Better / Off The Hook / […]In addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider has also been posting episode-by-episode recaps that have covered a few […]
  2. Watch Michael Cera in the Trailer for ‘Crystal Fairy’ Here’s the trailer for Crystal Fairy, a psychedelic South American drug comedy starring Michael Cera and written/directed by Chile’s own […]
  3. trailer mix
    The Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus TrailerAnd Gaby Hoffmann is awesome.
  4. Watch Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza in Michael Cera’s New Short Film Here’s “Failure,” a new short film Michael Cera made for the YouTube channel JASH. Cera directed and stars in the short alongside his Scott […]
  5. Watch Michael Cera Play a Psychopath in Chile in the Trailer for ‘Magic […] Here’s the trailer for Magic Magic, an upcoming horror/thriller that finds Michael Cera in his first big non-comedy role as a creepy […]
  6. trailer mix
    Magic Magic Trailer: Michael Cera Is a Creep, Michael Cera a WeirdoCera’s summer of playing against type continues!
  7. And Now the Review of One of the Greatest Comedies of All Time Which Had […]The adjectives “interesting” and “weird” mostly exist to be placeholders for how you actually felt about something you couldn’t completely […]
  8. Watch Michael Cera’s New Short Film ‘Gregory Go Boom’ Here’s Michael Cera’s brand new short film “Gregory Go Boom,” which was just released today on JASH, the YouTube comedy channel Cera […]
  9. upfronts 2013
    The Persistent Cult of Arrested DevelopmentThe show was too weird and self-referential to really succeed on network TV, especially in 2003. But times have changed, and now so has television.
  10. Watch the Trailer for Michael Cera’s New Short ‘Gregory Go Boom’ Here’s the trailer for an upcoming short film called “Gregory Go Boom” that stars Michael Cera as a paraplegic man leaving his house for the […]
  11. arrested development
    Six Things We Learned From the Arrested Development Documentary ProjectWhich is double the norm.
  12. YouTube Is Launching a Comedy Week with Seth Rogen, Ed Helms, and MoreYouTube announced today that they’ll be holding their first ever “comedy week” next month. The event will feature performers Vince Vaughn, Seth […]
  13. ones to watch
    12 Actors Who Have the Most at Stake This SummerIncluding Carey Mulligan, Jaden Smith, and Ryan Reynolds.
  14. shorts
    Watch Michael Cera’s Kelis-Co-starring ShortCharles Grodin is also in it, because why not?
  15. Watch Michael Cera’s Short Film ‘Brazzaville Teen-Ager’ Here’s “Brazzaville Teen-Ager,” a brand new short film starring, directed, and co-written by Michael Cera and based on the story of the same […]
  16. Taran Killam Is Afraid of Michael Cera Confronting Him About His ‘SNL’ […] Here’s SNL’s Taran Killam on Jimmy Fallon Friday night, talking about the time he avoided Michael Cera at a party because he didn’t want to […]
  17. Michael Cera’s Short Film ‘Brazzaville Teenager’ with Charles Grodin to […]The new YouTube channel JASH, which features content from Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts, announced via a teaser trailer […]
  18. Clark Duke Wants to Revisit ‘Clark and Michael’ with a Special Just after Arrested Development ended in 2006, Michael Cera and his buddy Clark Duke made a web series for CBS called Clark and Michael. Now […]
  19. live-streaming
    Here’s Michael Cera Interviewing David CrossLive!
  20. we dream of live streams
    Watch Michael Cera Interview David Cross TonightWe’ll have the live stream of the event.
  21. Watch the First Video from Sarah Silverman, Tim & Eric, Reggie Watts, and […] Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, and Reggie Watts have joined forces to form a comedy collective called JASH that […]
  22. jash
    Watch a Promo for Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera’s New YouTube ChannelReggie Watts, Tim Heidecker, and Eric Wareheim are also on board.
  23. web series
    Watch the First Two Episodes of ‘Burning Love’ Season TwoIncluding a Party Down mini-reunion.
  24. IFC Films Acquires Michael Cera’s South American Psychedelic Drug Movie […] IFC Films announced this week that the company has bought the North American rights to Crystal Fairy, an independent comedy shot in Chile […]
  25. sundance 2013
    Ten of Sundance’s Best PerformancesDaniel Radcliffe, Allison Janney, and more.
  26. sundance 2013
    Eight Squeaky-Clean Stars Who Got Wild at SundanceSundance is where former child stars and clean-cut performers go to dirty up their image in provocative indies.
  27. sundance 2013
    Michael Cera Returns to the Screen As Anti–George MichaelIn the first of his two Sundance entries, Crystal Fairy, he’s an unpleasant tourist scouring Chile for drugs.
  28. Today in ‘Arrested Development’: Michael Cera Is a Writer This Season and […]Recurring Arrested Development guest stars like Henry Winkler, Liza Minnelli, and Carl Weathers have all confirmed they’re going to be a part […]
  29. Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts Are Working on […]The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that Daniel Kellison, creator of The Man Show and ex-producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live, is developing […]
  30. arrested development
    Watch Michael Cera Climb the Arrested Development Stair CarMemories!
  31. Win a Walk-On Role on the New Season of ‘Arrested Development’ As if Arrested Development fans weren’t already excited enough for the show to come back, Netflix just announced a new contest where six AD […]
  32. trailer mix
    The End of Love TrailerTrust us: Never miss a Michael Cera game night.
  33. Look at Michael Cera on a Couple of Sets and Scream in ExcitementAAHHHHH! There it is. There he is. Jason Bateman tweeted this picture along with the caption, “My son, arriving yesterday.” Ahhhh! Truthfully, […]
  34. clickables
    See Michael Cera Back on the Arrested Development SetGeorge Michael Bluth, ladies and germs.
  35. casting
    Seth Rogen’s Apocalypse Comedy Adds Rudd, Segel, Kaling, CeraAnd many, many more.
  36. Michael Cera and Reggie Watts Sing the World’s Most Friendly Song We’ve been posting a good amount about Comedy Bang! Bang! but it’s hard not to when the clips are as lovely as this. This is the perfectly […]
  37. comedy bang bang
    Watch Michael Cera Duet With Reggie WattsYou and I and pies.
  38. Walking Through the History of ‘Between Two Ferns’ with Scott AukermanWith the Between Two Ferns: A Fairytale of New York debuting Sunday at 8:30 before the Comedy Awards, I thought it was a perfect time to look […]
  39. 10 Great Comedy Film Audition TapesWatching an actor or actress’ screen test or audition tape feels very voyeuristic, like you’re seeing something that’s not supposed to be seen. […]
  40. sundance 2012
    Sundance Day 9 Buzz Meter: The End of Love Makes for a Wrenching Festival FinishA dad/actor from Scott Pilgrim plays a dad/actor from Scott Pilgrim against his real son.
  41. New Muppet Walter Was Based On Michael CeraYou know the new Muppet, Walter? The “sweet, simple character” who’s a big fan of all the other Muppets’ past Muppeting? Apparently that […]
  42. inspiration
    Walter the Muppet Was Modeled on Michael Cera“They told me to think about Michael Cera — that if he was a puppeteer he would already have the job.” 
  43. eureka
    How Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy Connect Every Single Buddy ComedyIf you trace a line of co-stars between them, you hit nearly every single buddy comedy alum of the past 50 years.
  44. Things Other than the Future Movie and TV Show Covered at the Arrested Development ReunionLike, Mitch Hurwitz explains an erection joke to a young Michael Cera.
  45. slideshow
    When Celebrities Crash Weather Reports: A RetrospectiveFrom Hanks, to Carell, to Triumph.
  46. clickables
    Here Are All the Childrens Hospital Staff Announcements in One Handy Video“Man, it is ho-o-o-o-t.”
  47. Michael Cera to Do His Michael Cera Thing on The SimpsonsMichael Cera will be guest starring on the next season of The Simpsons as “a character named Nick who’s wise beyond his years—this time a […]
  48. Michael Cera Goes From Timid To Terrified In Indie Thriller Magic, MagicWe all love Michael Cera and the sweet nebbish that he channels in 97% of his performances. But what if Cera was doing what he does best…while […]
  49. On Michael Cera’s RunningHave you ever noticed that in all of his roles, Michael Cera ends up running? Here’s a great piece from the Believer in which the particular […]
  50. jonah hill
    Jonah Hill to Make His Directorial DebutIn a new movie called ‘The Kitchen Sink.’
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