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  1. tv review
    The Kominsky Method Is a Funny But Frustrating Portrait of Aging MasculinityChuck Lorre’s Netflix series is a fantastic showcase for Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. But it has little regard for anyone besides them.
  2. party report
    Kirk Douglas Called His Son Michael’s Acting Debut ‘Absolutely Terrible’“Dad came back and said, ‘Son, you were terrible. You were absolutely terrible.’”
  3. bde
    Michael Douglas Thinks the Wasp Can Kick Ant-Man’s Ass“I don’t even want to go there,” said Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd.
  4. the industry
    Catherine Zeta-Jones Is Defending Her Husband, Michael Douglas, From Allegations“It happened 30 years ago. It was B.C.: before Catherine.”
  5. michael douglas
    Author Details Michael Douglas Sexual-Harassment AllegationSusan Braudy says Michael Douglas harassed her and masturbated in front of her in the ’80s as she worked for his production company.
  6. Michael Douglas Preemptively Denies Sexual-Misconduct AllegationsDouglas decided to give an interview in advance of a rumored exposé.
  7. ryan murphyverse
    Ryan Murphy’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Prequel Lands at NetflixAny excuse to keep delaying American Crime Story: Katrina.
  8. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin to Star in Chuck Lorre Netflix Comedy ‘The […]Chuck Lorre has a new comedy series in the works at Netflix with some big stars attached. According to Deadline, the streaming network is […]
  9. cancer
    Val Kilmer Denies Dire Reports of Cancer“I still have a swollen tongue and am rehabbing steadily.”
  10. cancer
    Michael Douglas: Val Kilmer Is Fighting Cancer“That’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.”
  11. tattoos
    Michael Douglas’s Son Cameron Has Weird TattoosWe’ll give you a bunch of guesses.
  12. teaser
    See the Teaser for Soderbergh’s Liberace BiopicEspecially if you love piano keys.
  13. tv
    HBO Finally Unveils the Trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace Biopic So sparkly.
  14. casting
    Michael Douglas to Play Ronald ReaganIn a movie that Mike Newell will direct.
  15. behind the candelabra
    See Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in a Still from CandelabraLooks like a gay old time!
  16. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Bill Murray Appeared As a HologramPlus: Chris Hemsworth played a mini-harmonica and did a little jig, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. casting couch
    Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas Head to Last VegasThe Hangover for olds!
  18. psas
    ‘Got Your 6’ PSAWelcome home, soldiers. Now give Tom Hanks a hug.
  19. dirty old men
    Who Would You Cast for Dirty Grandpa: Jeff Bridges or Michael Douglas?Both are being considered, but who has the better dirty-old-man skills?
  20. tv
    Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace Biopic Heads to HBOIt’ll star Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.
  21. the globes
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Golden GlobesLet us know who you think needs to have a serious talk with their stylist tomorrow.
  22. good news
    Michael Douglas Says He’s Beaten Cancer“The tumor is gone,” he tells Matt Lauer.
  23. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Michael Douglas Stays Upbeat About His Battle With Throat Cancer on The Late ShowPlus, Snoop Dogg says he really wants to work with Ann-Margaret on a remix of “Bye Bye Birdie,” on our regular late-night roundup.
  24. Michael Douglas Fighting a TumorHis doctors expect him to make a full recovery and, in a statement, Douglas says, “I am very optimistic.”
  25. party chat
    Danny DeVito Kills With His Michael Douglas Snakebite StoryIt goes just where you think it will, but you’re still happy when you get there.
  26. cannes 2010
    Cannes Day 3 Photos: Wall Street 2 Red CarpetMore red-carpet photos from Cannes.
  27. the industry
    Oliver Stone Explains the Wall Street 2 DelayLewis thinks the movie wasn’t ready in time, a theory at which Stone scoffs. Scoffs!
  28. trailer mix
    New Wall Street 2 Trailer: More Motorcycles!Watch out for that log in the middle of the road, Shia!
  29. quote machine
    Stay Away From Pool Parties at Bruce Willis’s HousePlus: Steve Coogan is extremely vain.
  30. trailer mix
    Wall Street 2 Teaser: LaBeouf Rides AgainWhy does Hollywood keep putting Shia LaBeouf on motorcycles?
  31. money never sleeps
    Settle Down, Bud Fox FansCharlie Sheen will have a small cameo in ‘Wall Street 2.’ A very small one.
  32. quote machine
    Michael Douglas Is Your Elder and You Had Better Respect Him, Dammit!Plus: Is it just us, or does David Sedaris’s next story sound a little far-fetched?
  33. sequels
    Wall Street 2: Gekko Goes LimpOur anticipation level for this project was already low, but after reading the synopsis for this film, now it’s on life support.
  34. quote machine
    Christian Bale Is Pretty Sure He Could Take Arnold SchwarzeneggerPlus: Michael Douglas relishes playing the villain.
  35. Shia LaBeouf to Reaffirm Status As Only Young Actor in Hollywood With Role in Wall Street 2Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay seem unable to name more than one twentysomething actor between them, so we’re not sure why we expected any better from Oliver Stone.
  36. the industry
    Don Cheadle to Don Iron SuitPlus: ‘Wall Street 2’!
  37. the industry
    Disney to Take Chance on Unknown ActressPlus: Everybody’s hiring Zach Galifianakis!
  38. the industry
    Michael Douglas and Steven Soderbergh to Tickle Your IvoryPlus: ‘28 Months Later’?
  39. the industry
    Mira Nair and Hilary Swank Take to the AirPlus, this summer’s Public Theater in the Park schedule is announced!
  40. the industry
    Corporate Shenanigans Force Out Will Arnett as Voice of KITTHe’s being replaced by … Val Kilmer?
  41. quote machine
    Michael Douglas Mortified to Be Mistaken for the President of a Record CompanyQuotes from Bruce McCullough, Ray Wise, and Estella Warren!
  42. the industry
    Mary-Louise Parker Picks Up the ‘Phone’Plus industry news on Eminem, Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  43. quote machine
    Michael Douglas Realistic About His ChancesPlus quotes from Kristen Wiig, Daniel Radcliffe, and Tina Fey.
  44. quote machine
    Catherine Zeta-Jones Won’t Allow Husband to Sleep With Sharon Stone in Front of ChildrenMichelle Pfeiffer, Chris Tucker, and more!
  45. the industry
    Michael Douglas Faces ‘Indifference’