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  1. chat room
    Evil’s Michael Emerson Isn’t a Bad Guy, He’s Just Good at Playing ThemPlease don’t scream and run away when you see him on the street.
  2. Louis C.K. and Andrew Dice Clay Part of the Totally Normal Cast of Woody […]OK, here’s the cast in alphabetical order: Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Louis C.K., Bobby Cannavale, Andrew Dice Clay, Michael Emerson, Sally […]
  3. casting
    Michael Emerson Joins Woody Allen MovieWe’re interested.
  4. chat room
    Michael Emerson on Person of Interest, Ben Linus Comparisons, and the Terry O’Quinn Show That Never Was“We were struggling to get it written, and at some point it got put on a back burner.”
  5. life after lost
    J.J. Abrams and Ben Linus Team Up for CBS PilotBut it’s not the Linus-Locke project that was in the works.
  6. clickables
    Watch Ben From Lost Play an Asperger’s-Having Insect Lover on ParenthoodMichael Emerson guests as a bug expert.
  7. exclusive
    J.J. Abrams Pitching New Locke/Linus ShowIt could really happen, and it’s in good hands.
  8. See all the Emmy Red Carpet LooksEveryone who’s anyone, and anyone who’s dressed.
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    You’ll Have to Try Harder Than That to Secretly Record Jessica SzohrPlus: Sofia Vergara on freaky-looking people.
  10. chat room
    Michael Emerson on the Lost Epilogue“I don’t really have any work on the horizon, so I’d better get busy.”
  11. life after lost
    Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe), Part IIMichael Emerson is now talking up a possible Terry O’Quinn collaboration.
  12. true abs
    Jason Stackhouse’s Abs: An InvestigationAnother question: Will Michael Emerson guest star on ‘True Blood’?
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    Robert Pattinson to Plotz When He Reads Breaking Dawn ScriptPlus: Jessica Biel’s character the “lynchpin of A-Team’s story,” says Jessica Biel.
  14. quote machine
    Katherine Heigl Lets Stuntman Handle All That Dangerous RunningPlus: Lady Gaga a fan of the show that recently paid tribute to her.
  15. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jason Sudeikis to Murder His Horrible BossPlus: Cary Elwes gets frisky with Natalie Portman.
  16. tv
    Lost’s Michael Emerson Demonstrates How to Say Everyday Phrases OminouslyThe Ben Linus touch.
  17. chat room
    Michael Emerson on the Rumored Ben-Locke Spinoff“I’m not sure who you’re going to think needs revenge on whom when this is all over.”
  18. lost
    Ask Ben Linus AnythingSend us your questions for Michael Emerson!
  19. tv
    See Ben From Lost’s 1992 Prison Training VideoEerie.
  20. life after lost
    Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe)Terry O’Quinn is pitching a show that would star the duo as “suburban hit men struggling with family issues.”
  21. last night on late night
    Late Night: Michael Emerson’s Lost LiesPlus a talking dog, on our regular late-night roundup.
  22. chat room
    Lost’s Michael Emerson on the New, Humbled Ben“I hope the fans continue to love Ben, even though he’s in a state of cringing vulnerability.”
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    Megan Fox Is Single and LookingPlus: Jack Black discusses the advantages of outerwear in ancient times.
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    Shia LaBeouf Has a SecretPlus: Even more Shia LaBeouf revelations!
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    Even Tom Hanks Occasionally Feels Compelled to OversharePlus: Jon Hamm reveals his inspiration for the infamous ‘Mad Men’ fingerblasting scene.
  26. soul-eating
    Michael Emerson: Lost Finale So Explosive It Will Basically Kill You’We have two kinds of huge shocks at the end of this one. Each one alone would be enough to keep an audience eating its own soul for the whole hiatus.’
  27. lost
    Michael Emerson Warns: New Season of Lost to ‘Max Out the Degree of Complication’Emerson also mentions “new notions of a time-space framework that will lead us to the final solution.”
  28. chat room
    Michael Emerson of ‘Lost’ on Why Ben Linus Never BlinksThe thoughtful New York stage vet talks at impressive length about those titillating flash-forwards, Ben’s paternal instincts, and whether the spookiest villain on TV becomes a hero this season.
  29. news reel
    The ‘Lost’ Finale: Character Deaths, a Secret Ending, and a Blank Page