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  1. chris pine
    Chris Pine’s Penis Can ‘Match’ Michael Fassbender’s, According to Chris Pine*eyes emoji*
  2. trailer mix
    Dark Phoenix Trailer: Sophie Turner Is Going Off the Deep EndIn theaters Valentine’s Day 2019.
  3. castings
    Michael Fassbender Will Fight Hitler As a Time-Traveling Cop in Kung FuryThe feature will be a sequel to the Kickstarter-funded short film from 2015.
  4. The Snowman Is a StiffTomas Alfredson’s adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s serial-killer story is a bad match of director and material.
  5. mister police
    The Snowman Director Can’t Stop Talking About How Terrible His Movie IsThis press tour is abominable.
  6. Michael Fassbender on The Snowman and Kissing Himself in Alien: Covenant“It’s fun — and if people are getting pleasure out of it, then cool.”
  7. weddings
    Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander Took a Vow in IbizaThe actors reportedly got married in a secret ceremony over the weekend.
  8. David in Alien: Covenant Is the Best Blockbuster Villain in Years. Here’s Why.Michael Fassbender’s David isn’t just an equal match for the heroes. He’s the engine that makes the film run.
  9. mysteries
    New Alien: Covenant Prologue Jumps Back to the End of PrometheusNoomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender go on a little space trip.
  10. chat room
    Michael Fassbender Won’t Talk About What Happened in Mexico“You could think of it a little bit like jazz, you’re devising a loose structure and trying to keep a ball up in the air.”
  11. roll clip!
    Michael Fassbender Is Here to Service You in New Alien: Covenant PromoStaring deep into Michael Fassbender’s irises, available now.
  12. Alien: Covenant Trailer: Ya Girl Is Back, Ya Girl Being a Terrifying Xenomorph“All this … to start our new life.”
  13. teasers
    The Whole Gang’s Unaware of Impending Doom in an Alien: Covenant ‘Prologue’Alien: Covenant premieres May 19.
  14. trailer mix
    Betrayal! Music! Kissing! Watch the Trailer for Terrence Malick’s Song to SongStarring Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman.
  15. exclusives
    See Michael Fassbender in a Crazy Car ChaseFeaturing the yellowest car in Britain.
  16. devil's den
    Fassbender Says He’s Devilish in Malick MovieThe actor says he plays a “Lucifer-like character.”
  17. the graham norton show
    Marion Cotillard Also Gets Confused by Hot Irish Men With Thick Accents“I understood ’since,’ just that word.”
  18. roll clip!
    Fassbender and McAvoy Make Living Sexy Fan ArtIf only the X-Men movies had more tandem bike rides through Paris …
  19. what could have been
    Michael Fassbender Was Too Busy for a Part in The Force AwakensGood luck getting Michael Fassbender to pencil in time to fuss around with some Jedi lightsabers!
  20. trailer mix
    New Assassin’s Creed Trailer: Everybody Expects the Spanish Inquisition Michael Fassbender travels back in time to save the future.
  21. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Trespass Against UsDon’t rob the convenience store, Michael Fassbender!
  22. tiff 2016
    Fassbender Cringes Watching Himself As Magneto“I just think it’s me shouting.” And other things we learned at his Toronto Film Festival retrospective. 
  23. knitwear
    The Best of The Light Between Oceans’ Bountiful Knitwear CollectionFor those who want to thieve babies without sacrificing looks or comfort.
  24. last night on late night
    Fassbender Plays Pen in Bottle on FallonIt’s his co-star’s favorite game.
  25. trailer mix
    See Fassbender, Vikander in New Light TrailerDearest Fassy and Vikky, this won’t end well.
  26. predictions
    Kate Winslet Predicts This Is Leo’s Oscar YearShe probably still feels guilty about that door thing.
  27. oscars 2014
    Best Supporting Actor: Is Jared Leto Unbeatable?And if it’s not him, then who?
  28. trailer mix
    12 Years a Slave Trailer: I’d Rather Die Enormous Than Live DormantStarring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, and so many other heavy-hitters.
  29. casting couch
    Michael Fassbender to Play Thomas Wolfe and Colin Firth to Play His EditorColin Firth will play his editor.
  30. casting couch
    Looks Like Terrence Malick Is Working With Michael FassbenderThere’s a photo of Fassbender on set with Ryan Gosling.
  31. casting couch
    Michael Fassbender Cast As a Rock StarAppropriate.
  32. casting couch
    Fassbender May Be Triggerman in Jane Got a GunHe’s negotiating to star in the Western.
  33. sequels
    Prometheus 2 Is a GoSome stars are returning, but will writer Damon Lindelof?
  34. casting couch
    Fassbender to Star In, Produce Assassin’s CreedIt’s about an assassin, in case you didn’t get that part.
  35. michael fassbender
    See What Michael Fassbender Would Look Like As 007Fassbender. Michael Fassbender.
  36. prometheus
    Watch Joel McHale Spoof Michael Fassbender’s Prometheus VideoMcHale or Fassbender? McHale or Fassbender???
  37. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Why Andy Samberg Didn’t Get a Big SNL Send-OffPlus: Michael Fassbender broke out into an Irish song, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  38. straw polls
    Your New Party Game: Is Michael Fassbender Famous?You tell us.
  39. close reads
    Michael Fassbender Thinks Peeing Cost Him That OscarWith bonus Michael Fassbender breakfast facts.
  40. prometheus
    Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette for PrometheusJohn Carter who?
  41. talk
    Who Should Play the Male Lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie?Ian Somerhalder says he wants to.
  42. prometheus
    See Michael Fassbender in the Next Viral Video for PrometheusFassy goes android.
  43. casting
    Brad Pitt May Join Angelina Jolie in The CounselorAlongside Michael Fassbender and Javier Bardem.
  44. clickables
    Watch New Prometheus TrailerRidley Scott’s Aliens prequel, starring Dragon Tattoo’s Noomi Rapace.
  45. casting
    Michael Fassbender in Talks for Plane Crash RomanceSurvival = love.
  46. See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2012 BAFTA AwardsFrom the cast of Drive to The Help, the film industry makes a grand entrance at the BAFTA Awards.
  47. casting couch
    Michael Fassbender May Star in Ridley Scott’s Cormac McCarthy FilmConfluence of awesomeness, dead ahead.
  48. shame
    See a Banned Poster for ShameHungary to Michael Fassbender: “All right, we get it.”
  49. See a Very Naked Michael Fassbender in a 1998 Commercial NSFW, obviously.
  50. vulture critics poll
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2011?Our annual survey of top critics reveals a first in awfulness: This year the same actor nabs the top two spots!
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