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  1. the industry
    Michael Keaton’s Batman Might Return to Mentor the DC UniverseThe actor is reportedly in talks to put on the cape and cowl for the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns.
  2. new content
    Michael Keaton to Star in Opioid Crisis Limited Series Dopesick for HuluThe series is set to premiere in 2021.
  3. vulture lists
    Batman Chins, RankedOf all the men who have become Batman, who filled out the chin area the best?
  4. secret releases
    You Can Now Watch the Entire Documentary Now! Parody of Wild Wild CountryThe show returns to IFC February 20th.
  5. the industry
    Michael Keaton, Seth Rogen to Star In John McAfee Dark Comedy King of the JungleJohnny Depp had been rumored to portray the film’s eccentric McAfee antivirus software creator last year.
  6. roll clip!
    Michael Keaton Imparts Special Alumni Wisdom to College Graduates: ‘I’m Batman’It’s true. He played Batman. Twice!
  7. American Assassin Is Aggressively, Flagrantly Not a Movie We Need Right NowBut it works better if you think of it as a Batman movie.
  8. vulture on vulture
    Spider-Man’s Vulture Is the Best Marvel Movie Villain in YearsHe seems like the first superhero villain who might’ve voted for Trump.
  9. vulture on vulture
    9 Startling Differences Between Spider-Man’s Vulture and Vulture the WebsiteThere is not a single editor at Vulture who would get mad at Tyne Daly, for any reason.
  10. Movie Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming Is a Breezy DelightIt’s the most convivial Marvel movie in ages.
  11. Watch Spidey Face Vulture in the New Spider-Man: Homecoming TrailerSwinging into theaters July 7.
  12. chat room
    Director John Lee Hancock on The Founder“We’ve taken the American dream and we’ve sloganized it.”
  13. movie review
    Review: The Founder Is Crisp, and All Too TimelyMichael Keaton is sensational as Ray Kroc.
  14. snafus
    Michael Keaton Apologizes for That Awkward ‘Hidden Fences’ Mix-up“I actually, now, I totally understand.”
  15. hidden fences
    Michael Keaton Also Thinks Hidden Figures Is Called ‘Hidden Fences’In front of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.
  16. vulture on vulture
    A History of the Vulture Failing to Appear in Spider-Man MoviesAppearing on the big screen has been a long time coming for the villain, and not just because he was one of Spider-Man’s earliest enemies.
  17. picking parts
    Michael Keaton: Batman Forever’s Script ‘Sucked’Michael Keaton and Joel Schumacher suffered some creative differences.
  18. trailer mix
    Watch Michael Keaton in New The Founder TrailerMichael Keaton stars as McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc.
  19. vulture on vulture
    Vulture Explains the New Spider-Man Villain, the VultureMichael Keaton is playing him!
  20. casting couch
    Taylor Kitsch to Break Bad for the Action-Thriller American AssassinHe will play opposite Michael Keaton and Dylan O’Brien.
  21. release dates
    Keaton’s The Founder Pushed Back to Oscar SeasonThe Ray Kroc biopic has Oscar buzz.
  22. supervillains
    Michael Keaton Reportedly in Talks for Spider-Man: HomecomingHow did he end up here?
  23. winner's circle
    Here Are the NYFCC 2015 WinnersInside Out begins its dominance.
  24. last night on late night
    Keaton Calls Spider-Man a ‘Pussy’ for CryingBatman up, Spider-Man.
  25. movie review
    Review: Spotlight ShinesThe reporters were real vampire-hunters.
  26. trailer mix
    Spotlight Trailer Stars McAdams, Ruffalo, Keaton#Journalism.
  27. sports
    Michael Keaton Tells Off McCutchen Trash-TalkerDon’t mess with Batman.
  28. mashups
    What Happens When Orphan Black Meets Multiplicity?Get it? There are so many clones.
  29. ‘SNL’ Review: Happy Easter, Michael Keaton!Though they may look like natural sketch comedians, character actors give us peculiar episodes of SNL. At least once per season in recent […]
  30. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Will You Play With Us, Michael Keaton?As he reminded us last night on SNL, Michael Keaton is so much more than Birdman.
  31. snl promos
    Michael Keaton’s SNL Promos Prove He Really Was RobbedThere’s a Multiplicity joke!
  32. Michael Keaton Charms Cecily Strong in This Week’s ‘SNL’ PromosMichael Keaton returns to host SNL for the third time this weekend, and NBC just released the first round of promos featuring Keaton and Cecily […]
  33. snl
    Taraji P. Henson to Host SNLGet ready for more Cookie!
  34. Taraji P. Henson and Michael Keaton Set as April ‘SNL’ HostsNBC just announced two upcoming SNL hosts. According to TV Line, Michael Keaton will host SNL for a third time on April 4th with musical guest […]
  35. last night on late night
    Adam Sandler Remembers Chris Farley’s Legendary MealsAlso, everybody should start inviting Michael Keaton to dinner.
  36. oscars 2015
    Michael Keaton Sadly Puts Away His Oscars SpeechCongratulations, Eddie!
  37. oscars
    This Was the Best Oscars Show in Years (But It Was Still Terrible)My favorite speech was the one where J.K. Simmons thanked his Whiplash colleagues in a single sentence and then went on to address his wife and children.
  38. oscars
    Why Michael Keaton Lost: The Academy Doesn’t Love Comeback StoriesMichael Keaton’s loss is not that surprising given Oscar’s history.
  39. Watch Michael Keaton Improvise with Dave Thomas and Catherine O’Hara in […]Welcome to The Second City Archives, in which we post an exclusive clip each week of some of comedy’s biggest superstars performing early in […]
  40. Michael Keaton Reunites Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  41. awards season
    Michael Keaton Is Into Your Crush on His Hot Son“He’s a handsome dude.”
  42. tuba parts
    The Oscars Reward Stubbornness, Perseverance, and Wes Anderson’s Bow TiePut that in your antique tuba parts and smoke it.
  43. golden globes 2015
    Watch Michael Keaton Choke Up During His Golden Globes Acceptance SpeechIt’s your life, Michael Keaton. 
  44. castings
    Michael Keaton Joins King Kong PrequelHe’ll star alongside Tom Hiddleston.
  45. movies
    Tim Burton: Beetlejuice 2 Is ‘Closer Than Ever’But it hinges on Michael Keaton’s involvement.
  46. roundtables
    Watch THR’s 2015 Oscar Round TablesEveryone loves Laura Dern. 
  47. movies
    A Most Violent Year Is the National Board of Review’s Big WinnerIt was a most joyful day for Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.
  48. vulture lists
    11 Great Michael Keaton RolesHollywood loves a comeback story, and this one couldn’t be any sweeter.
  49. review roundup
    What Did Critics Say the First Time Michael Keaton Played a Superhero?“This is a true star performance, subtle, authoritative, and sexually vibrant.”
  50. movie review
    Birdman Is the Very Definition of a Tour de ForceDirector Alejandro González Iñárritu’s overheated technique meshes perfectly with the (enjoyable) overacting.
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