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  1. chat room
    Michael McKean on His Good Place Cameo for the AgesThe comedy legend breaks down his surprise appearance as the mysterious Canadian stoner Doug Forcett.
  2. The Best Actor on TV Is Better Call Saul’s Michael McKeanIn his performance in season three of Better Call Saul, Michael McKean shows us what it feels like to fight, and, ultimately, choose surrender.
  3. Michael McKean and Peter Gould on Chuck’s Big Episode of Better Call Saul“When this idea came up I had a lot of resistance to it for many reasons.”
  4. lawsuits
    This Is Spinal Tap Director on Royalties Suit: I Hope ‘This Lawsuit Goes to 11’The massive lawsuit was filed by Harry Shearer over lost royalties from the mockumentary.
  5. chat room
    BCS’s Michael McKean on Sibling Rivalry“It’s like having Dickens write for you.”
  6. shut-ins
    Michael McKean Talks Playing a Shut-in on Better Call SaulAnd why Chuck’s affliction is real.
  7. better stream saul
    Here’s a Better Call Saul Livestream at 92YIt starts tonight at 8 p.m.
  8. Michael McKean Joins the Cast of ‘Better Call Saul’Deadline reports that legendary This Is Spinal Tap performer Michael McKean has joined the cast of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul […]
  9. casting couch
    Michael McKean Is the First New Better Call Saul CharacterHe’ll star as Dr. Thurber.
  10. Christopher Guest Teases a Spinal Tap 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2014Next year marks the 30th anniversary of This Is Spinal Tap’s release, and in a new interview, Christopher Guest, teased the possibility of some […]
  11. Saturday Night’s Children: Michael McKean (1994-1995)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  12. Michael McKean on the Origins of Spinal Tap“We just started talking about, ‘Well, why don’t we do a feature that’s a rock ’n’ roll documentary on this band, and they’re not very good, […]
  13. Christopher Guest Casts His New Comedy with Exactly Who You’d Expect Him […]It’s been six long years since Christopher Guest’s last comedy, For Your Consideration, but he’s finally back behind the camera for a new […]
  14. the best man
    James Lecesne on Stepping Up for Michael McKean“I just made my mind up that I was going do it and I was going to be good.”
  15. accidents
    Michael McKean Hit by a Car on the Upper West SideThe Spinal Tap actor is in stable condition.
  16. Penny’s Mom & Dave’s Dad Sitting in a Tree, Michael McKean & Megan MullallyHappy Endings has cast Michael McKean as Dave’s dad, who will become romantically involved with Megan Mullally as Penny’s mom. This is […]
  17. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Off Broadway Weekend RoundupA Lear by way of Law & Order; a juicy treat in Hand to God.
  18. Christopher Guest to Turn Mockumentary Sights on Retro CollectorsChristopher Guest’s next mockumentary focus: retro collectors: “Christopher Guest and his Spinal Tap brothers Harry Shearer and Michael McKean […]
  19. quote machine
    The B-52s Take Their Wigs Out of MothballsPlus: Which director is “as crazy as a shithouse rat”?
  20. quote machine
    Anything Diddy Can Do, Snoop Dogg Can Do BetterPlus: Michael McKean and Dane Cook!
  21. the industry
    Helen Mirren to Take Up the Scepter Once More?Plus industry news on William H. Macy, James Purefoy, and D.J. Caruso.
  22. the industry
    Jim Carrey Answers in the AffirmativePlus industry news on Beck, Tupac, and the new film from the director of Donnie Darko.