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  1. party report
    Michael Moore Doesn’t Drink Bachelorette Wine When Watching The Bachelorette“I pull the curtains and make sure nobody knows I’m watching it.”
  2. la resistance
    Michael Moore Finally Finished His 2003 Anti-War Oscars SpeechSpeech still resonates, as War on Terror continues.
  3. crime
    Michael Moore Shares Footage of Serial Bomb Suspect Cut From Fahrenheit 11/9The documentary’s crew captured Cesar Sayoc in the crowd at a Florida Trump rally in February 2017.
  4. vulture lists
    Every Michael Moore Movie, RankedDocumenting the filmmaker’s best work.
  5. box office
    Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 Is BombingIt’s hard to compete with The House With a Clock in Its Walls. I mean, there’s a clock in the walls.
  6. the vulture transcript
    Michael Moore on Fahrenheit 11/9 and What He Learned From Steve Bannon“His conversation with me was a turning point.”
  7. tiff 2018
    TIFF Review: Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 Is a Must-SeeYes, he’s a bit of a blowhard, but the air is blowing hard in the right direction.
  8. tiff 2018
    Here Are Michael Moore’s Biggest Targets in Fahrenheit 11/9Including Donald Trump, the New York Times, and Barack Obama.
  9. metoo
    RBG Director Talks Sexism in News After Les Moonves Scandal“…we just kept going and didn’t really think about some of the indignities that we were subjected to,”
  10. politics v comedy
    Michael Moore Predicts Donald Trump Will Try to Remain ‘President for Life’“He loves the dictators.”
  11. the theater
    Michael Moore and Donald Trump Are in a Social-Media War About Broadway“On Broadway, Donald, they call it a ‘limited engagement’ — just like we’re planning on making your presidency.”
  12. profile
    The Thankless Task of Being Michael MooreHe’s been right about everything before, and he really thinks you are living in a bubble.
  13. protests
    Mark Ruffalo and Michael Moore Led a Protest Outside Trump TowerThe protest also served as a vigil for Heather Heyer.
  14. theater review
    Theater Review: Blocks From Trump Tower, Michael Moore Stands Up and BarksA monologue, mostly to the believers.
  15. videology
    Prophets of Rage’s New Video Is an Apocalyptic Michael Moore–Directed DocIt features footage of Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad juxtaposed with the image of a handcuffed protester last year.
  16. upfronts 2017
    Ridley Scott and Michael Moore Are Developing TV Shows for TNTMoore’s documentary will premiere late this fall.
  17. Get Ready for Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael Moore’s Next Trump DocumentaryBob and Harvey Weinstein are ready to aggressively market Moore’s next Trump takedown.
  18. broadway
    Michael Moore Plans to ‘Take Down’ Trump With a Broadway ShowThe show’s poster asks, “Can a Broadway show take down a sitting president?”
  19. the political climate
    Michael Moore Predicts Trump Will Be Impeached in ‘His Second Term’“We’re hours, months, weeks away from our own Reichstag fire.”
  20. believe the hype
    Michael Moore’s Trump Presidency Predictions“I went through my five stages of grief months and months ago when I realized he was going to win.”
  21. the final countdown
    Michael Moore Says He’ll Pay the Fines of Any Electors Who Vote Against TrumpThe outspoken documentary filmmaker pleads with electors to dump Trump.
  22. apocalyptic scenarios
    Michael Moore: ‘Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed’“Don’t forget that date and his hubris as we bury the dead next year.”
  23. rust belt
    Michael Moore and Van Jones Talked About Donald Trump’s Rise and Ideology Moore: “I live in Michigan, I don’t live in the bubble.”
  24. chat room
    Michael Moore on Trump and The Bachelorette“You can choose to live in the country, or live in your bubble.”
  25. the morning after
    Michael Moore Wants to Take Over the DemocratsYou must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: “HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!”
  26. election day
    Michael Moore Wrote a Prescient Essay Predicting Donald Trump’s Victory in July“Our Rust Belt Brexit.”
  27. the donald & me
    Michael Moore Announces His Secret Trump Film Fahrenheit 11/8.
  28. Mary E. Winstead Talks Michael Moore Sex Scene“He was such a good sport.”
  29. the art of the deal
    Michael Moore ‘Knows for a Fact’ That Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Be PresidentMoore theorizes Celebrity Apprentice negotiations got out of hand.
  30. movie reviews
    Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next Is a Smart Idea Excuted ShoddilyRemember when Michael Moore was a great filmmaker?
  31. gun violence
    Michael Moore on Guns: Fear Is Getting Us Killed“It’s clear that the NRA is actually half-right in their slogan.”
  32. toronto film festival
    Michael Moore’s New Film Is His Most Emotional He’s been going through some personal stuff.
  33. teasers
    Here’s the Teaser for Michael Moore’s Latest DocIt premiered at TIFF on Thursday night.
  34. oscars 2013
    Oscar-Nominated Doc Director Was Detained at LAXEmad Burnat texted Michael Moore for help.
  35. debate
    Michael Moore Defends Zero Dark ThirtyAnd calls it a “21st century chick flick.”
  36. star wars episode 7
    What If Woody Allen Directed Star Wars VII?It would be quirky!
  37. feuds
    Michael Moore Says Weinstein Brothers Are ‘a Force of Good,’ Who He Also Claims Owe Him $3 Million“No settlement. No interest in one.”
  38. feuds
    Michael Moore Is Suing Harvey WeinsteinOver ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ profits.
  39. oscars
    Michael Moore and Kathryn Bigelow Elected To Academy’s Board of GovernorsWe doubt they’ve had their eyes on ‘Twilight’ this year.
  40. feuds
    Michael Moore: The Hurt Locker is Too EasyCalls this year’s Oscar winner “lazy.”
  41. quote machine
    Kristen Stewart Thinks Twilight’s Themes Are Far Kinkier Than Just Plain Ol’ AbstinencePlus: Michael Moore takes on lazy liberals.
  42. mini backlash
    Wallace Shawn Slammed for Michael Moore Matchup“What the hell is Wallace Shawn doing here?”
  43. the projectionist
    Edelstein on Moore“It’s sprawling, scattershot, sniggery, and, in one instance, exploitative. It’s brazenly one-sided. But …”
  44. gabfests
    Jay Leno Gets Political, Books Michael MooreGood thing Ford is sponsoring Jay’s show and not GM!
  45. the industry
    Will Smith to Destroy Manhattan AgainPlus: The Smurfs movie to have a director.
  46. trailer mix
    Michael Moore Advertises New Movie, Blocks Theater AislesMoore’s upcoming economic-meltdown doc gets an interactive trailer.
  47. things to look forward to
    Michael Moore Is Getting Ready to Stick It to Wall StreetYes!
  48. the industry
    Meryl Streep to Be Touched by CatPlus: Stan Lee’s gay-superhero show is a go!
  49. vulture lists
    10 Lamest Liberal MoviesFrom Tim Robbins to Michael Moore to Steven Seagal, the movies that would make Karl Marx vote McCain.
  50. the early-evening news
    Michael Moore Schedules Next Documentary for Beginning of Bush’s Third TermPlus: Another hater picked for R. Kelly’s jury, and the L.A. ‘Times’ hates on ‘Bright Shiny Morning.’
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