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    Michael Scott Had a Pet Parrot Named Jim CarreyAnd other interesting things we learned from a new book about The Office.
  2. the office
    Mindy Kaling Knows Exactly What Michael Scott Would Be Doing TodayWarning: extremely cursed imagery.
  3. fan fiction
    B.J. Novak Still Thinks of Ideas for Michael Scott: One Dumb, One Sad He was not superstitious, but he was a little stitious. 
  4. Steve Carell on Never Getting That ‘Office’ Emmy: ‘What Can I Complain […]“His journey also will likely include a trip down the red carpet at next year’s Academy Awards — talk that Carell finds flattering, but prefers […]
  5. Will Steve Carell Be Back for ‘The Office’ Finale After All? While Steve Carell has said he has no interest in returning for The Office’s series finale, TV Line reports today that “producers mounted an […]
  6. Steve Carell Explains Why Michael Scott Won’t Be Back for ‘The Office’s […]Word came in via showrunner Greg Daniels and NBC boss Bob Greenbatt earlier this month that Steve Carell won’t be back to play Michael Scott […]
  7. Michael Scott Isn’t Planning Any Return Trips to ScrantonIn response to the idea of guest-starring on The Office, Steve Carell said: No, it hasn’t been discussed. Do you really think that people want […]
  8. Who Would Win at Charades, Leslie Knope or Michael Scott?Duels or “classy show-downs” as they are often called by no one, have been solving hot debates for ages. They’re useful for delivering crowds a […]
  9. The ‘That’s What She Said’ Joke-Making Computer Program Could Replace […]Screw all these other posers, science has gone and solved the issue of who should replace Michael Scott on The Office: a computer program […]
  10. The Lost Roles of The OfficeAdapting The Office for American television was a Herculean task that seemed destined to fail at first. The original UK version was such a […]
  11. Let’s Talk About Steve Carell’s Office ReplacementWe’re going to find out who’s going to be the new lead on The Office relatively soon, within a couple of months. But there’s still no solid […]
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    The New Hollywood: Frank Miller Bigger Than Leonardo Dicaprio