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Michael Stipe

  1. shiny unhappy people
    Michael Stipe No Longer Feels Fine About All ThisPlease send his coronavirus video to your stubborn dad.
  2. a long talk
    R.E.M. Never Meant to Get So BigMichael Stipe and Mike Mills reflect on Monster at 25, the real Kurt Cobain, and Billie Eilish’s impact.
  3. the jukebox
    Michael Stipe Released His Debut Solo Song, and He Feels FineA nice October surprise.
  4. old hollywood
    Courtney Love Has the Best Elizabeth Taylor StoriesThey all involve diamonds, naturally.
  5. supercut
    How to Listen to R.E.M.’s Final YearsThis supercut will get you through the band’s spottier years.
  6. Patti Smith Brought Out Bruce Springsteen and Michael Stipe at TribecaThe icon summoned some rock legends for a political post-documentary-screening performance.
  7. last night on late night
    Colbert Sings of the End of 2016 As We Know It“Oh, great, it starts with an outbreak …”
  8. tributes
    Lauper, Stipe, Chewbacca Shine at Bowie Tribute“Whether [David Bowie] is here in this room, he is most definitely here in this room.”
  9. last night on late night
    See Michael Stipe Cover ‘Man Who Sold the World’Oh no, not me.
  10. we were there
    Patti Smith Spat on Me, and It Was an HonorOne of downtown rock ‘n’ roll’s original BAMFs dances with the ghosts of her friends at an intimate celebration for Electric Lady.
  11. party chat
    Michael Stipe Is Proud of Mike Mills for Breaking That Letterman News“He’s been on Twitter for a week, I think!”
  12. lighters up
    Which Band Acted the Classic-Rock-iest at the 12.12.12 Concert?Scoring the age-old moves, song choices, and “I love you, New York!” patter of the Stones, Who, Clapton, Billy Joel, Bruce, and the rest of the white guys.
  13. moby
    Watch ‘The Moby Song,’ Learn How to Identify Moby From Bruce Willis and OthersWell, it’s certainly a look.
  14. The Adventures of The Adventures of Pete & Pete“Teen-agers, bohos, camp culturati, photographers – they have won by default, because, after all, they do create styles.” — Tom […]
  15. it’s the end of the world as we know it
    Michael Stipe Is Finally Free of the Shackles of R.E.M.“I was experiencing something profound for the first time: freedom.”
  16. Watch the Muppets Play Password on Jimmy FallonMiss Piggy cheated, but are you really surprised?
  17. right-click
    Spoon: Unplugged!Plus: New tracks from Dub Gabriel and Papertiger Sound.
  18. quote machine
    Julia Roberts Keeps Her Clothes OnPlus: Why does Slash love leather pants?