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Michelle Buteau

  1. trailer mix
    Michelle Buteau Is the Perfect Mix of Beyoncé and DMXAccording to the trailer of her Netflix comedy special.
  2. stand-up
    Michelle Buteau’s Netflix Special Gets a Premiere DateIt’s titled Welcome to Buteaupia.
  3. two friends
    Madison McFerrin Was a Michelle Buteau Fan Who Became a Michelle Buteau FriendThis is the kind of friendship Two Friends was made for.
  4. good one podcast
    How a Michelle Buteau Joke Turned Into a Me Too Rallying CryWhen the first Weinstein reports came out, the stand-up knew she had to talk about it onstage.
  5. Michelle Buteau Is Not SassyDon’t ask Michelle Buteau how she would describe her comedy. “The worst question people can ask me is, ‘How would I describe my brand of […]