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  1. Hallucinate Your Way Through the First Gemini TrailerCo-starring John Cho!
  2. chat room
    Michelle Forbes on The Killing, Rats, and Her ‘New Hero,’ Dan Harmon“One of my favorite shows right now is that damn ‘Community’! Oh my God, where did that come from?”
  3. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Zac Efron, Rachel WeiszPlus: Viola Davis to join ‘The Help.’
  4. chat room
    True Blood’s Michelle Forbes on Her Varied CareerThough she’s still unclear about why people think her ‘True Blood’ character was dark.
  5. true blood
    Michelle Forbes Explains the Inspiration Behind True Blood’s MaryannNamely, Ken Russell and Lydia Lunch.
  6. vampires
    HBO and True Blood Are Happy to Be Riding the Wave of Bloodsucker ManiaGood thing they didn’t put all of their money into werewolves!