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  1. good one podcast
    How Michelle Wolf Reckoned With Her Post-Correspondents’ Dinner World With JokesOn this week’s Good One, the stand-up comedian talks about new fans, cancel culture, and her “Muppety” voice.
  2. comedy review
    Michelle Wolf Plays the ClassicsIn Joke Show, Wolf takes familiar premises and chips away at them until she creates something legitimately new.
  3. stand-up
    Michelle Wolf’s New Netflix Special Premieres Next MonthJoke Show debuts on December 10.
  4. the great bits
    Michelle Wolf Is a Master of the Period JokeRevisiting an excellent bit from the comedian’s 2017 HBO special.
  5. best of 2018
    The 10 Biggest Late-Night Sagas of 2018From Kanye to Feckless Cuntgate and everything in between.
  6. this week in late night
    The Death of the Late-Night SnarkerIt’s been a very transitional week in the late-night space.
  7. roll clip!
    Michelle Wolf Boils Down Every True-Crime Show: ‘The Husband Did It’No really, the husband definitely did it.
  8. roll clip!
    ICE Is Isis and Isis Is ICE for Michelle Wolf’s Recruitment VideoDon’t watch, Kirstjen Nielsen.
  9. last night on late night
    Michelle Wolf Eviscerates Late-Night Hosts’ Political Eviscerations on The Break“This comedy segment’s gonna be sincere and angry!”
  10. Abortion Gets a Patriotic Salute Thanks to Michelle Wolf“God bless abortions and God bless America!”
  11. Learn How to Be a ‘Great Guy With a Gun’ With Handy Guide From Michelle Wolf“Simply fire your gun with goodness in your heart and the bullets will hit only the bad guys!”
  12. last night on late night
    Michelle Wolf Has Some New, More Personally Devastating Insults for Ivanka Trump“‘You’re a c*nt’ doesn’t hurt them. It’s on their vision board.”
  13. politics
    Michelle Wolf Responds to Her Inclusion in the GOP’s ‘Unhinged Left’ Commercial“Right now there are two things that should be unhinged: people, and those doors to the child cages.”
  14. the break with michelle wolf
    Michelle Wolf Knows Why the Times’ Op-ed Page Is So Kooky“Write a slavery-denial take, come on get on the ball!”
  15. Michelle Wolf Couldn’t Escape D.C. Fast EnoughAfter the Correspondents’ Dinner, a merciful break from politics for the host of Netflix’s The Break With Michelle Wolf.
  16. politics v comedy
    Michelle Wolf Defends Samantha Bee, Goes Off Against ‘Useless’ Ivanka Trump“We’re all fooled by her.”
  17. roll clip!
    ABC Shouldn’t Have Revived Roseanne to Begin With, Says Michelle WolfOwing to Roseanne Barr’s long timeline of racism.
  18. This Week in Late Night: Roseanne, Samantha Bee, and the Satire ParadoxGive me a pointed joke that “goes too far” over a nebulously chummy stunt any day.
  19. now streaming
    New on Netflix: June 2018Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Break With Michelle Wolf, and more.
  20. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf Mocks ‘Ugly’ Personality of Sarah Huckabee Sanders“She has the Mario Batali of personalities.”
  21. trailer mix
    Check Out a New Trailer for Michelle Wolf’s Weekly Netflix Series The Break“The point is, we’re all gonna die!”
  22. last night on late night
    Michelle Wolf on WHCD: ‘Every Single Person Loved It’“Sarah Huckabee Sanders loved it. She called me, she was like, ‘I loved it so much.’”
  23. Michelle Wolf Joins Amber and Jenny for “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” on ‘Late […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers welcomes back writers Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel for a brand new “Jokes Seth […]
  24. last night on late night
    Michelle Wolf Spoke ‘Truth’ at the Correspondents’ Dinner, Says Bill MaherHe also said she did “a great job.”
  25. white house correspondents' dinner
    Here’s What Mike Pence Thought of Michelle Wolf’s WHCD JokesThe comedian’s comments about Mike Pence — or to use her words, a “weird little guy” — have now entered the arena.
  26. white house correspondents' dinner
    Michelle Wolf Defends WHCD Jokes: ‘I Didn’t Want to Cater to the Room’A friend advised her, “Be true to yourself. Never apologize. Burn it to the ground.”
  27. Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah Defend Michelle Wolf: “She Is Filthy and She […]This year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner host Michelle Wolf has been the target of much outrage and debate since she gave a perfectly […]
  28. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Confirms Michelle Wolf Is Mean. That’s Why Her WHCD Set Was So Good.“If you ask me, Sarah Huckabee Sanders got off easy.”
  29. politics
    Wendy Williams Knows Where You Can Go If You Think Michelle Wolf Went Too FarOkay, but what does Rachel Ray have to say about all this?
  30. Why the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Should Go OnThe dinner has ballooned to an oddball mix of celebs and politicians, but there have been moments where comedy allowed speakers to cut to the truth.
  31. Check Out the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Break with Michelle Wolf’Back in February, Netflix added a weekly late night series hosted by Late Night/Daily show alum and WHCD master Michelle Wolf, and over the […]
  32. controversies
    WHCA Issues Statement to Members Criticizing Michelle Wolf’s Monologue“I also have heard from members expressing dismay with the entertainer’s monologue and concerns about how it reflects on our mission.”
  33. No, Michelle Wolf Didn’t Mock Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s LooksWhy the criticism of Wolf’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner roast is so maddening.
  34. trailer mix
    What a Convenient Time to Watch the Trailer for Michelle Wolf’s New Netflix ShowIt’s called The Break.
  35. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf’s Jokes Discomfited the Correspondents’ Association President“Some of them made me uncomfortable.”
  36. on comedy
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Most Memorable Reactions From Correspondents’ DinnerSome people are … quite unhappy.
  37. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf Is Already Defending Her Sarah Huckabee Sanders JokesFrom the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
  38. Michelle Wolf’s Best Jokes at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ DinnerIt was ballsy and wonderful.
  39. tv
    Michelle Wolf Burns Everyone at the White House Correspondents’ DinnerNot even being Rachel Maddow could save you.
  40. Michelle Wolf Will Host This Year’s White House Correspondents’ DinnerMichelle Wolf is having a very busy 2018 – in addition to landing a weekly late night series at Netflix, she also just landed the toughest […]
  41. late night
    The Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf Is Getting a Netflix Talk Show“You can expect the types of jokes my former bosses would tell me we couldn’t do on TV.”
  42. Netflix Adds a Weekly Late Night Show Hosted by Michelle WolfAfter working on Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Michelle Wolf is now getting a late night show of her own. […]
  43. Michelle Wolf’s Comedy MarathonThey say that nice guys finish last, but what about nice ladies? That’s one of the many themes comedian and Daily Show writer/contributor […]
  44. Michelle Wolf Catches Up with Her Old Boss Seth Meyers on ‘Late Night’Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers catches up with one of his former writers Michelle Wolf ahead of the premiere of […]
  45. Check Out a Sneak Peek of Michelle Wolf’s HBO Special ‘Nice Lady’The Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf makes her HBO standup special debut next month, and the network released a teaser trailer today. Titled Michelle […]
  46. Michelle Wolf’s Debut Standup Special ‘Nice Lady’ Premieres on HBO in […]Earlier this year, HBO ordered a standup special from The Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf, and today the network announced the premiere date. Titled […]
  47. Michelle Wolf: ‘It’s Actually Easier to Become President Than It Is to […]Usually when the Miss America pageant is covered on late night shows, it’s to mock their ditzy “like such as” answers to the judge’s questions. […]
  48. Michelle Wolf on Ivanka Trump’s Many Lies: ‘If Eric Was Doing This Shit […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah welcomes “resident Ivanka Trump expert” Michelle Wolf to recap the many cases […]
  49. Michelle Wolf Reviews Megyn Kelly’s ‘Conniving’ NBC News Debut on ‘The […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah welcomes Michelle Wolf to give her take on former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly, […]
  50. HBO Adds a Standup Special from ‘Daily Show’s Michelle WolfFormer Late Night writer/performer and current Daily Show writer/contributor Michelle Wolf has a standup special in the works at HBO. The […]
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