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Mike Darnell

  1. the choice
    Fox Is Spoofing The Voice With a Dating ShowIt’s called The Choice, and there are spinning chairs.
  2. exclusive
    Mike Darnell, Reality-TV Legend, Re-ups With FoxSo that’s one less reality seat to fill at the network.
  3. fox
    Fox to Make Layoffs Entertaining“It’s ‘Survivor’ meets ‘The Office,’” says the idiot who came up with this.
  4. quote machine
    Ricky Gervais Tells Yet Another Holocaust JokePlus: Everyone’s talking about Lil Wayne.
  5. quote machine
    Brandon Walsh Has a Surprisingly Cavalier About Brenda’s Imminent DeathPlus: Will Arnett on fatherhood.
  6. quote machine
    Morgan Freeman Is Sick of Being the Dignified Older GentlemanPlus: Lake Bell meets Cameron Diaz, and Matthew Fox punches a stuntman.