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  1. cancellations
    Adult Swim Cancels Million Dollar ExtremeAfter months of pushback.
  2. Former Adult Swim Employee: ‘Our Boss Had Said He’d Never Let a Woman Be […]Back in June, we took a closer look at Adult Swim’s slate of upcoming TV projects and discovered that out of 47 series creators, there wasn’t a […]
  3. adult swim
    Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and the Birth of the WeirdAny “weird” show on the air today has this brilliantly weird Adult Swim comedy to thank.
  4. Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo Takes to Reddit to Defend Lack of Female CreatorsEarlier this year, Adult Swim revealed their upcoming slate of TV projects, and out of the 47 creators listed on the announcement, there wasn’t […]
  5. The ‘Icelandic Ultra-Blue’ Controversy Continues: Read H. Jon Benjamin’s […]The ongoing creative dispute between David Cross/H. Jon Benjamin and Adult Swim exec Mike Lazzo just got more intense. After a series of […]
  6. Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo Responds to David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin’s […]Adult Swim EVP and creative director Mike Lazzo just fought back against David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin on Reddit for the second time over […]
  7. David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin Respond to Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo About […]In his Reddit AMA last week, David Cross accused Adult Swim exec Mike Lazzo of ripping off the concept (specifically the time slot and lack of […]
  8. David Cross and H. Jon Benjamin Invented the Adult Swim 4AM InfomercialTo promote his new film Hits, David Cross fielded questions in a Reddit AMA today, and one of his most interesting responses came when a fan […]