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  1. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers and Jason Sudeikis Enlist Their Kids to Re-create a Cut SNL SketchJust call them the Not Ready for Bed Time Players.
  2. not dead yet
    Canceled NBC Comedy A.P. Bio Has Been Saved by … NBCIt will join The Office on NBCUniversal’s forthcoming streaming platform.
  3. social media campaigns
    Patton Oswalt Needs Your Help to Save ‘A.P. Bio’(Smokey the Bear Voice) Only *you* can save this show.
  4. cancellations
    School’s Out for NBC’s A.P. BioThe network canceled the comedy after two seasons.
  5. underrated
    The Refreshingly Genuine Sweetness of Joe Pera Talks With YouSNL alum and A.P. Bio creator Mike O’Brien breaks down what makes this Adult Swim show so great.
  6. last night on late night
    Tim Robinson’s Daughter Penny Is a Legendary Comedian in the MakingShe kills.
  7. NBC Orders Mike O’Brien’s ‘A.P. Bio’ Starring Glenn Howerton to SeriesMike O’Brien has a new comedy headed to NBC. According to Deadline, the network has given a series order to A.P. Bio, which has been in […]
  8. Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt to Star in Seth Meyers and Mike O’Brien’s […]Patton Oswalt and Glenn Howerton might be starring in an NBC comedy together. According to TV Line, Oswalt and Howerton have signed on to star […]
  9. NBC Orders a Comedy Pilot from Mike O’Brien, Seth Meyers, and Lorne […]Mike O’Brien has a comedy pilot in the works at NBC. Deadline reports that the network has ordered an untitled single-cam pilot written by […]
  10. nbc
    Seth Meyers, Lorne Michaels Working on NBC PilotThe comedy series involves a revenge-obsessed high-school teacher.
  11. Eric Andre and Mike O’Brien Get Intimate on ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’truTV released a brand new episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven today, where he spends some extra special quality time in the closet […]
  12. Seth Meyers Producing NBC Comedies by Amber Ruffin and Mike O’BrienSeth Meyers is helping some friends from Late Night and SNL develop new comedies at NBC. According to Variety, Meyers is producing two […]
  13. Jim Gaffigan Talks Kissing Animals on 7 MinutesLogistically, it’s a nightmare.
  14. Jim Gaffigan Joins Mike O’Brien in a New ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’We’ve been blessed with another very special episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven! In this edition, skin care advocate Jim Gaffigan […]
  15. Eva Longoria Is an Excellent Prank Caller on Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in […]Here’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by Eva Longoria for an episode that has […]
  16. Eva Longoria Pranks Some Parents for 7 Minutes Wait a minute … the Planning Enforcement Council isn’t open on Thursday.
  17. 7 minutes in heaven
    Will Forte, Mike O’Brien Do 7 Minutes in HeavenStick around for “Insane Shirtless Men Covered in Ketchup.”
  18. Will Forte Brings Tim Calhoun and Hamilton to ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Here’s the latest installment of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he welcomes fellow SNL alum Will Forte for some […]
  19. Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Is Back with Sarah SilvermanIt’s been a while since we were treated to new episodes of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, but thankfully the wait […]
  20. jokes
    Oh Hey, Here’s a Filthy New Sarah Silverman JokeIn Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven.
  21. saturday night live
    Watch SNL’s Surreal Oprah BiopicIt’s either a scathing satire or just kinda surreal.
  22. Watch the Latest ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ with Will Ferrell and Mike O’BrienHere’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by special guest and fellow SNL alum […]
  23. candy
    Will Ferrell Chokes Mike O’Brien for 7 MinutesOooooh, yah!
  24. Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Has Returned with Special Guest John […]It’s been a while since SNL alum Mike O’Brien made a new installment of his web series 7 Minutes in Heaven, but in case you missed it, Above […]
  25. John Cena, Mike O’Brien Get 7 Minutes in HeavenThey get up to all sorts of haberdashery. 
  26. Mike O’Brien and Seth Meyers Talk Clown Meat, Unicorns, and ‘SNL’ on ‘Late […]Here’s a clip from Mike O’Brien’s visit to last night’s Late Night, where he and Seth Meyers looked back at Betty White’s 2010 episode of […]
  27. last night on late night
    Mike O’Brien Wrote a Betty White Unicorn SketchIncluding one where Betty White plays a unicorn doctor.
  28. saturday night live
    Elizabeth Banks’s Traumatic Uber Experience Is Your Traumatic Uber Experience“Neither one of us wants to give the other a bad rating, so …”
  29. Mike O’Brien’s Sketch Comedy Album ‘Tasty Radio’ Is Out TodaySNL and Second City alum Mike O’Brien’s long in-the-works sketch comedy album is out today. Called Tasty Radio, the album features O’Brien […]
  30. Watch Mike O’Brien Interrupt a Second City Show in the Name of Love in 2008Welcome to The Second City Archives, in which we post an exclusive clip each week of some of comedy’s biggest superstars performing early in […]
  31. sexy bible
    ScarJo Does a Sexy Reading of Bible VersesShe appears on comedian Mike O’Brien’s new comedy album, Tasty Radio.
  32. Mike O’Brien Is Releasing a Sketch Comedy Album Called ‘Tasty Radio’ This […]Mike O’Brien might have officially left the SNL writing staff over the summer, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see – or in this case, hear – […]
  33. Jason Sudeikis Hosts His Own Talk Show on ‘The Late Late Show’Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Late Show, where James Corden checks in on guest Jason Sudeikis only to discover that he’s hosting his […]
  34. Simon Rich, Emily Spivey, and Mike O’Brien Look Back on Their Toughest […]To celebrate the release of the new SNL documentary, Vulture has a fun piece out today featuring SNL writers Emily Spivey, Simon Rich, and Mike […]
  35. cut snl sketches
    Watch a Very Scary, Very Funny Cut SNL SketchCourtesy of Mike O’Brien.
  36. Leslie Jones, Mike O’Brien, LaKendra Tookes, and More Have Reportedly Left […]Saturday Night Live updated the “About” section of their website this week to include newly hired writers Alison Rich, Jeremy Beiler, Natasha […]
  37. ‘SNL’ Firing New Cast Members Displays a Show Still Deeply In TransitionWord has come down this week that SNL cast members Noël Wells, John Milhiser, and Brooks Wheelan have been let go from the show after one […]
  38. Breaking Down Each Cast Member’s Contribution to ‘SNL’ Season 39With SNL’s 39th season coming to a close, we’re taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other […]
  39. live from new york
    Analyzing SNL’s New Cast Members’ First SeasonWho was the breakout performer and who might get cut?
  40. The 24 Best Sketches of ‘SNL’ Season 39With SNL’s 39th season coming to a close, we’re taking a look at the past season with a series of posts examining the highs, lows, and other […]
  41. Bill Hader on How Mike O’Brien Differs from Others at ‘SNL’“I remember I was told when I started at SNL – it was good advice – it was like, ‘Here’s what the show finds funny and there’s what you find […]
  42. Tim Robinson Helps Mike O’Brien Find a Hot Date Outfit in ‘Chicago Rats’In this third and final episode of Above Average’s sketch web series Chicago Rats, Tim Robinson goes out to a fancy clothing store with Mike […]
  43. Watch Mike O’Brien and Tim Robinson Star in the Most Reluctant Porn EverHere’s the second episode of Above Average’s sketch web series Chicago Rats, in which Conner O’Malley plays a different kind of porn director […]
  44. Mike O’Brien Makes Tim Robinson Go Insane in ‘Chicago Rats’Here’s the first of three episodes of Above Average’s new sketch web series Chicago Rats, where Mike O’Brien slowly drives Tim Robinson to […]
  45. ‘SNL’ Review: Edward Norton Gets Into CharacterWhenever the holiday season begins, a strange vibe settles in at SNL. The weeks blend together as sketches revolve around seasonal themes, with […]
  46. ‘SNL’ Review: Tina Fey Introduces The New CastFor a show that evolves constantly, SNL does a remarkable job preserving its brand. Despite the changes in the cast, the writers, and the […]
  47. What to Look Forward to in ‘SNL’ Season 39Season 39 of SNL kicks off this Saturday night with Tina Fey, Arcade Fire, and a mouthful of new names for Don Pardo to read off in the opening […]
  48. snl cast
    SNL Looks to Add Writer Mike O’Brien and 4 Others to CastLive from New York, it’s these people!
  49. mad men
    See Jon Hamm on ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’Tickle spider.
  50. Talking With ‘SNL’ Writer and ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ Host Michael Patrick […]Michael Patrick O’Brien is well into his fourth season as a writer for Saturday Night Live, a job he landed after spending years honing his […]
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