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  1. Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm Once Hosted an ‘Emmy Losers’ PartyCount on Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm to make a loser-filled party cool. Variety has a new interview out today with Mike Schur and Robert Carlock […]
  2. in development
    Fey, Schur Developing New Shows for NBCSchur’s show has already gotten a 13-episode commitment.
  3. Tina Fey, Robert Carlock, and Mike Schur Have New Comedies in the Works at […]Great news for comedy fans who miss the days of Parks and Rec and 30 Rock on NBC: At TCA today, NBC revealed that it has new projects in the […]
  4. Mike Schur Calls Amy Poehler’s Lack of Emmys ‘One of the Great Hollywood […]The Emmy Award nominees were announced earlier today, and there’s one name on the list who is on the verge of suffering from Steve Carell-level […]
  5. parks and recreation
    Poehler Still Wants to Keep Up With Leslie KnopeOld habits die hard.
  6. Netflix Orders a New Comedy Series from Aziz Ansari and Mike SchurAziz Ansari is headed to Netflix with his very own show. According to THR, the streaming network has ordered a 10-episode half-hour comedy […]
  7. Celebrate ‘The Office’s 10th Anniversary with an Oral History of […]Today marks ten years since the American Office debuted on NBC, and to celebrate Uproxx put together a thorough oral history of the show’s […]
  8. How ‘Parks and Rec’ Landed Last Night’s Surprise Bill Murray CameoWith only two episodes left in the series, Parks and Recreation revealed a huge surprise last night that’s been a longtime dream of the cast […]
  9. the final season
    9 Things We Learned From Parks and Rec TCA PanelYour new favorite cocktail just might be the Joan.
  10. Mike Schur on the End of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and NBC’s Thursday Night […]If you’ve been a TV comedy fan within the past ten years, chances are that Mike Schur is behind one of your favorite shows. An original writer […]
  11. tv
    What the Last Day of Shooting Parks and Recreation Looked LikeCo-creator Mike Schur is tweeting sentimental photos.
  12. Mike Schur Says It’s ‘Downright Un-American’ That Amy Poehler Hasn’t Won […]“Amy Poehler has been nominated for 10 Emmys in six categories and she’s never won. That’s silly. It’s downright un-American. And it ends, […]
  13. ‘Parks and Rec’ Boss Mike Schur Wants to Cast ‘The Funniest People’ for […]“On Parks and Recreation we have this casting rule that we call the Poehler Doctrine. In season [two], there was a guest character that called […]
  14. Season Six of ‘Parks and Recreation’ Was a Love Letter to PawneeLeslie Knope has been through a lot since we first met her at Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation office back in 2009. She’s cycled through jobs, […]
  15. Mike Schur Gives a Spoiler-Filled Explanation of ‘Parks and Rec’s Season […]Last night’s Parks and Rec finale featured a lot of surprises, and Hitfix has an interview with Parks and Recreation co-creator/showrunner Mike […]
  16. the future
    Parks and Recreation’s Next Season Will ‘Fairly Likely’ Be Its LastIn an interview, showrunner Mike Schur explained last night’s twist and what it means for the show’s future.
  17. Mike Schur Compares ‘Parks and Rec’, ‘The Mindy Project’, and ‘The Office’“We both came from the office-comedy world. You took the office-comedy world and said, ‘I’m going to be a boy-crazy, high-achieving goofball, […]
  18. chat room
    A Very Funny Conversation Between Mindy Kaling and Mike SchurSchur: “How many hot white dudes are you going to make out with?”
  19. Mike Schur on Overnight TV Ratings“First of all, those overnight ratings are very silly, and we all need to stop reporting them and caring about them … Obviously, what matters […]
  20. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s First Season Lives Up to Its Hype Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered with an entertaining-enough premise, a cast that seemed to have a natural chemistry, and some established cred […]
  21. Amy Poehler Calls ‘Parks and Rec’ the Best Job She’s Ever Had“Mike and I knew each other at SNL and he just said a very simple thing to me when he was pitching me the show and the idea of the show, which […]
  22. ‘Parks and Recreation’ Boss Mike Schur Wrote a Piece About Harold Ramis, […]“Groundhog Day is a perfect movie, and in every fractal and crazy looping folding scene you sense his steady hand at the wheel, ushering you […]
  23. ‘Parks and Rec’ Co-Creator Mike Schur: ‘It Wouldn’t Surprise Me If Next […]Parks and Recreation co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur gave an interview to EW about the future of the series, and he said that he expects next […]
  24. vulture on set
    24 Things We Learned on the Set of Parks and RecreationWho doesn’t know the 1997 classic “My Baby Daddy”?
  25. twinsies
    Brooklyn 9-9’s Parks and Rec Character AnalogsFrom Ron and Captain Holt to Gina and Donna.
  26. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is the Most Promising New Comedy of the SeasonIt almost feels cliché at this point to explain how difficult it is to make a great TV pilot. The first episode of a sitcom has to accomplish a […]
  27. Talking to Mike Schur About ‘Parks and Rec’, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, and […]Few writers in the TV world pull off creating two shows that are on the air at the same time, but Mike Schur just became part of that club. The […]
  28. Amy Poehler and Mike Schur Are Writing the 100th Episode of ‘Parks and […]Parks and Recreation is set to hit a major milestone this season: its 100th episode. Amy Poehler and Parks co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur […]
  29. ‘Parks and Rec’ Boss Mike Schur Says Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Leaving […]On Wednesday, there was a surprising announcement that Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are both leaving the show halfway […]
  30. Andy Samberg, Mike Schur, and the Rest of the Gang on What to Expect from […]Featuring an impressive cast led by Andy Samberg and created by Parks and Rec’s Mike Schur and Dan Goor, Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is far and […]
  31. Read ‘Parks and Rec’ Boss Mike Schur’s Statement About Rashida Jones and […]There was a surprise announcement yesterday that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving NBC’s Parks and Recreation in the middle of the show’s […]
  32. Mike Schur Says ‘Parks and Rec’ Won’t Acknowledge Chris Pratt’s New […]Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt is preparing to star in the new Marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy, and last week, he […]
  33. hard bodies
    Can Parks and Rec Handle Chris Pratt’s Superhero Body?Mike Schur is figuring out his options.
  34. Talking to Mike Schur About ‘Parks and Recreation’ and His New Show […]With the premiere of his new Fox show Brooklyn Nine-Nine set for the fall, Parks and Recreation showrunner and co-creator Mike Schur is poised […]
  35. Watch a Trailer for Andy Samberg’s New Fox Show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Sure, it’s not as big of a deal as today’s new Arrested Development trailer, but this is still pretty exciting. This is the trailer for […]
  36. Fox Announces 5 Fall Comedies, Including Andy Samberg and Mike Schur’s Cop […]Fox became the first of the big four networks to announce its fall lineup last night, and they picked up five new comedies, including Brooklyn […]
  37. 9 Comedy Pilots We Hope Get Picked Up This YearNext week, the TV networks are set to unveil their new fall lineups, officially announcing which shows are coming back and which new shows will […]
  38. ‘Parks and Rec’ Showrunner Mike Schur Says a Season 6 Is LikelyWhile Parks and Recreation is pretty much NBC’s only comedy that’s guaranteed to come back this fall, the network has yet to officially […]
  39. Last Night’s ‘Parks and Rec’ Was Full of References to ‘Infinite Jest’ Parks and Recreation co-creator / showrunner Mike Schur is a noted fan of David Foster Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest, and prior to last […]
  40. Andy Samberg’s Fox Cop Show Has a Name: ‘Brooklyn 99’ One of the most eagerly-awaited pilots this season for comedy fans has been an untitled Fox cop show that stars Andy Samberg and is […]
  41. Andy Samberg’s Cop Show Keeps Sounding Better and Better - Joe Lo Truglio […] Joe Lo Truglio, of The State, Reno 911!, and Superbad fame, has been added to the cast of Andy Samberg’s new Fox pilot, cementing its status […]
  42. Tonight’s ‘Parks and Rec’ Was Written as a Potential Finale Because NBC […] Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall has a long interview with Parks and Recreation co-creator/showrunner Mike Schur today, in which he reveals they made […]
  43. Chelsea Peretti and Andre Braugher Join Andy Samberg’s Cop Show Stand-up/Parks and Rec writer Chelsea Peretti and Men of a Certain Age’s Andre Braugher have just been cast in a new Fox pilot starring Andy […]
  44. casting couch
    Andre Braugher and Chelsea Peretti Cast in Mike Schur’s Cop PilotOne will play the captain, and one the office manager.
  45. April Ludgate from ‘Parks and Rec’ Pens an Ode to Neutral Milk Hotel“In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is the best album ever made and all other albums stink, and if you don’t agree, I’ll fight you.” - April […]
  46. Two Actresses Join Andy Samberg and Mike Schur’s Cop Show PilotAndy Samberg and Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur are making a pilot for an untitled Fox comedy about a police precinct on the edge of New […]
  47. casting couch
    Terry Crews Joins Mike Schur and Dan Goor’s New Cop ComedyHe’s joining Andy Samberg.
  48. Showrunner Mike Schur Talks the Future of ‘Parks and Rec’Last night’s Halloween episode of Parks and Recreation had a big surprise in store for a couple of its major characters, and […]
  49. put a ring on it
    The Story Behind the Parks and Recreation ProposalIt originally involved a white tiger.
  50. casting couch
    Andy Samberg Will Star in Mike Schur’s New Cop ComedyHe’ll also produce.
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