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Mike Skinner

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    The Streets Bow Out, ProperlyHear the whole album.
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    Stream the Streets’ Fifth and Final Album, Computers and Blues“It’s really rather good.”
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    Does Anyone in America Care About a Comeback From the Streets?More Mike Skinner, anyone?
  4. swine flu
    The Streets Do Swine FluMike Skinner has immortalized the H1N1 virus in an awesome new jam, “He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu.”
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    The Streets Tweets New TracksAnd they’re pretty good!
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    Leaked: New Streets Album Gets Points Off for Good BehaviorSkinner’s still a smart, nimble lyricist, but choruses are few, and the lame, too-slow beats don’t do his skittish delivery any favors.
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    Metallica Return to Rock You in a Metallica-Like FashionPlus: New Streets! New Ying Yang Twins! New Chromeo!
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    The Streets Hit the RoadPlus: New music from Yak Ballz!
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    Mike Skinner Not As Lazy As We ThoughtPlus: New music from Nellie McKay and RZA!
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    The Police Kick Off Tour; Tickets to This Post Sold Out in Fourteen Minutes