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  1. casting couch
    Mila Kunis Lands R-Rated Voice-Acting GigIn Hell & Back, a stop-motion film.
  2. The Best Frozen Moments from the 2012 Golden GlobesSofia Vergara making her Modern Family character look restrained, Nicole Kidman giving the stinkeye, and many many more glimpses of the audience.
  3. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: The Best and Worst Outfits at the 2012 Golden GlobesSarah Michelle Gellar? Surprisingly good! Mila Kunis? Surprisingly boring!
  4. girl talk
    Watch the First Installment of Girl Talk’s Epic Music VideoIf the first music video in a twelve-part video series accompanying Girl Talk’s album All Day is any indication, it’s going to be epic.
  5. Mila Kunis Attends Marine Corps BallJust like she said she would.
  6. america!
    Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball“Truly moved” by the experience initiated from YouTube invite.
  7. crime
    Celebrity Hacker Christopher Chaney Just Wanted to Go Behind-the-ScenesWho doesn’t?
  8. clickables
    Watch Mila Kunis Defend Justin Timberlake in Russian“What kind of question is that? Why are you here?”
  9. movie review
    Friends with Benefits Is Fabulously Fake FunWill Gluck is a quick-witted, inventive director with a natural touch for contrivance.
  10. the star market
    Star Market: Is Mila Kunis Leading-Lady Material?She’s pretty and popular, but is that enough?
  11. party chat
    Friends With Benefits Writers Wanted to Create a ‘Jewish Romantic Comedy’And they haven’t seen No Strings Attached.
  12. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Daniel Radcliffe Is Not Jaded Despite the ‘I’m Too Cool’ Phase of Life He’s InPlus: Reality-TV junkie Mila Kunis already has the new season of ‘Jersey Shore’ TiVo-ed, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  13. people
    Dating Justin Timberlake Sounds Pretty FunNot that we had anticipated otherwise. But.
  14. clickables
    Watch Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’s Facebook Status PSABecause it’s the title of their movie.
  15. party chat
    Mila Kunis Will Flirt Her Way to President Obama“You tell Reggie, his right-hand man, to hook that shit up!”
  16. Patrick Warburton Joins Living-Teddy-Bear Comedy TedFrom Greg the Bunny to Mel Gibson’s upcoming The Beaver, Americans have long used animate stuffed animals as an avatar of their deep-seated […]
  17. headshots
    March’s Best Entertainment PhotographyChord Overstreet, Vanessa Hudgens, and more in this month’s Best Entertainment Photography.
  18. oscars 2011
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Academy AwardsThe competition on the red carpet can be as interesting as the awards race itself.
  19. exclusive
    Mila Kunis Melts for Role of Wicked Witch of the West in Sam Raimi’s Oz, the Great and PowerfulThe Hughes brothers’ loss appears to be Sam Raimi’s gain.
  20. headshots
    January’s Best Entertainment PhotographyMatthew Morrison, Julianna Margulies, Rihanna, and more in this month’s best entertainment photography.
  21. the globes
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2011 Golden GlobesLet us know who you think needs to have a serious talk with their stylist tomorrow.
  22. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Mila Kunis to Ted?Plus: Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro team up again!
  23. party lines
    Mila Kunis at Black SwanPlus: Barbara Hershey, Alexis Ray Joel, Chace Crawford …
  24. chat room
    Black Swan Choreographer Benjamin Millepied on Teaching Natalie Portman to Have Swan Arms“She has that spongelike intelligence with her body. She’s obviously smart, but there are a lot of smart people who can’t move.”
  25. clickables
    Watch Mila Kunis Discuss Her World of Warcraft AddictionYou can tell that she misses her “little twinks running around.”
  26. black swan
    Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Discussed ‘Awkward’ Sex Scenes, But Not Pulling One Another’s Hair“Darren asked me, ‘Who do you think could do this part? Who has sort of a similar height, coloring, physique?’ I was like, ‘Oh, Mila, Mila, Mila!’”
  27. trailer mix
    Friends With Benefits Trailer: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Star as Ashton Kutcher and Natalie PortmanIt’s the battle of the friend-sexing movies!
  28. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman Not Even Famous Enough to Have Pizza DeliveredPlus: Mark Ronson to say horrible things about self.
  29. oscar race 2011
    Mila Kunis Scored an Award at Venice, TooWhile Natalie Portman went home sans trophies.
  30. trailer mix
    Black Swan: Single White Female, But Classy?Also, Natalie Portman makes out with Mila Kunis, grows wings.
  31. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Dempsey, KunisPlus: Joel McHale to join Anna Faris in ‘Number.’
  32. quote machine
    Diddy-Endorsed Vodka Tastes Better Than the No. 1 BrandPlus: Miley Cyrus would pole dance again.
  33. quote machine
    Vinny From Jersey Shore to Maybe Go to Harvard LaterPlus: How will the Grammys pay tribute to Michael Jackson without the playboy?
  34. quote machine
    Jake Gyllenhaal Survives Hostile Work EnvironmentMila Kunis: “Could I have toilet paper?”
  35. the industry
    Robert Downey Jr. Hits the Road With Zach GalifianakisPlus: The-Dream is retiring.
  36. the industry
    50 Cent and Forest Whitaker to Play Same PersonPlus: romantic-comedy news!
  37. trailer mix
    Will Miramax Treat Mike Judge Any Better Than Fox Did?The first sign isn’t so promising: ‘Extract’ will be released Labor Day weekend.
  38. the industry
    ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Inches Toward Actual ExistencePlus: Timothy Olyphant joins ‘The Crazies.’
  39. quote machine
    Mila Kunis Simply Not Cut Out to Be an AssassinPlus: Zack Attack reunion possibly imminent!
  40. quote machine
    Kristen Bell Loves Inflicting High-Voltage PainPlus: Seth Rogen hates his face, the Decemberists are evil, and Billy Joel thinks you got robbed.