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    Ellen DeGeneres Looks Back on Her Coming-Out Episode on its 20th AnniversaryEver wonder why it was called “The Puppy Episode”?
  2. milestones
    Why a Black Bachelorette Is a Big DealBlack women deserve a fairy tale.
  3. milestones
    Lady Gaga Just Got Her Driver’s LicenseGaga ooh la la!
  4. milestones
    Beyoncé’s Lemonade Hits 1 Million Copies SoldIt’s her sixth album to do so.
  5. milestones
    MJ’s Thriller Becomes 30-Times Multi-Platinum100 million sales and counting.
  6. Watch a 20-Minute ‘Parks and Rec’ Retrospective in Honor of the Show’s […] Parks and Recreation is set to air its 100th episode this Thursday, and NBC just put out this 20-minute retrospective with the past looking […]
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    Happy Birthday, Dungeons & Dragons!Here’s the skinny on the world’s most enduring nerd game.
  8. ‘The Onion’ Turns 25 This WeekFake news juggernaut The Onion turned 25 yesterday. It was 1988 when two college students started the publication as a print newspaper. Now, […]
  9. Watch Bill Murray’s Appearance on David Letterman’s 20th Anniversary Show Bill Murray’s appearances on Letterman are always something to look forward to, and last night was no exception. Murray, who was Letterman’s […]
  10. Watch ‘The Chris Gethard Show’s 100th Episode After over two years, comedian Chris Gethard’s unpredictable public access/web series The Chris Gethard Show reached a giant milestone last […]
  11. Christopher Guest Teases a Spinal Tap 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2014Next year marks the 30th anniversary of This Is Spinal Tap’s release, and in a new interview, Christopher Guest, teased the possibility of some […]
  12. After 100 Episodes, Chris Gethard’s 10 Favorite ‘Chris Gethard Show’ […]Tonight, The Chris Gethard Show airs our 100th episode on public access television. Before that, I spent two years doing the show as a stage […]
  13. Ranking the Anniversary Episodes of The SimpsonsThis Sunday on Fox, The Simpsons will air its 500TH EPISODE. To put that number in perspective, that’s nearly 100 more than the combined […]
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    Mayor Bloomberg Proclaims Today “Gossip Girl Day”“I just wish that Nate and Vanessa had been able to work things out”— Mayor Bloomberg.
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    The Black Eyed Peas Are the New Boyz II MenSomewhere in this great land of ours, a Motownphilly is weeping.