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  1. mindhunter
    Watch the Real-life Interviews With Serial Killer Ed KemperMindhunter’s depiction of the infamous “co-ed killer” hews closely to the truth.
  2. Mindhunter Is a Crime Drama That Lands at the Right Cultural MomentThe Netflix series is as much about the male psyche as it is about the crimes of its serial killers.
  3. How Mindhunter Makes Serial Killers Feel QuaintIt harkens back to a time when the most disturbing thing about society was a thing we, the audience, already know well.
  4. overnights
    Mindhunter Recap: First ContactHolden sits face-to-face with a serial killer.
  5. overnights
    Mindhunter Series-Premiere Recap: The Act of KillingDavid Fincher directs the first episode of Netflix’s promising new series about serial killers.
  6. David Fincher’s Mindhunter Trailer: Even Serial Killers Need to Vent SometimesComing to Netflix October 13.
  7. trailer mix
    Netflix’s Mindhunter Trailer: Like House of Cards, But With Serial Killers“You want truffles? You gotta get in the dirt with the pigs.”
  8. the industry
    David Fincher, Charlize Theron Netflix SeriesOne of Netflix’s answers to The Jinx.
  9. the industry
    Demi Moore Wants Miley Cyrus to Pull Herself Away From That ComputerPlus: Jeff Daniels! Charlize Theron! Ron Howard!