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Missed Opportunities

  1. missed opportunities
    Adam Scott’s New Game Show for ABC Somehow Isn’t Cones of DunshireIt still better be punishingly intricate.
  2. what could have been
    We Could’ve Had Angelina Jolie in The CraftOr Scarlett Johansson! Or Alicia Silverstone!
  3. missed opportunities
    Barry Jenkins Reveals What His Moonlight Best Picture Speech Would Have Been“The thing has happened.”
  4. missed opportunities
    Fast 8’s Dramatic New Title Is an Inexplicable Missed OpportunityAs fate would not have it.
  5. missed opportunities
    Here’s What Kanye’s Yeezus Vinyl Would’ve Looked LikeVery minimalist. Very chic.
  6. missed opportunities
    Beyonce Asked Anchor to Use Anti-Bey DiatribeThe criticism focused on Bey’s use of Black Panther imagery.
  7. missed opportunities
    Ryan Murphy Almost Made Orange Is the New Black — Wait, What?“I just could never figure out how to do it.”
  8. missed opportunities
    Fifty Shades of Grey Could Have Been a Lifetime MovieNot nearly as XXX rated.
  9. missed opportunities
    John Slattery Was Supposed to Be on EmpireBut he “let that ship sail.”
  10. missed opportunities
    Watch Drake Completely Air-Ball His 3-Point ShotNothing but air.
  11. missed opportunities
    Beck Declined to Write Mad Men’s Opening SongIt worked out anyway.
  12. missed opportunities
    Dr. Zizmor Said No to 30 Rock“He’s a doctor.”
  13. missed opportunities
    Sorry, Next Season’s Newsroom Ends Before the Petraeus ScandalBut just one day.
  14. missed opportunities
    90210 Day Could Have Been Even More AwesomeCW “dropped the ball” on a reunion.
  15. missed opportunities
    Alec Baldwin: We Had Planned a ‘Saltier’ Oscars“There were a lot of good jokes we had in there that they wanted to tone down.”
  16. missed opportunities
    We Came Thisclose to a Steve Martin/Tina Fey–Hosted Oscar Telecast“It wasn’t that she turned us down.”