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  1. arrested development
    Netflix to Release Chronological Cut of Arrested Development Season 4Creator Mitch Hurwitz announced “Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences.”
  2. Season 5 of ‘Arrested Development’ Will Premiere “Real Soon,” and the […]Mitch Hurwitz just dropped two big Arrested Development scoops. On Twitter, Hurwitz confirmed that season 5 of the show will debut on Netflix […]
  3. vertigo
    Arrested Development Season 5 Will Revolve Around a Murder MysteryWho killed Lucille Two?
  4. the bluths are back in town
    Arrested Development ‘Very Close’ to New SeasonNetflix Love Michael.
  5. Netflix Renews Maria Bamford’s ‘Lady Dynamite’ For a Second Season Netflix announced today at the Television Critics Association that it has picked up Maria Bamford’s delightfully weird sitcom Lady Dynamite […]
  6. i've made a huge mistake
    Mitch Hurwitz Says 5th AD Season Will HappenJust not before the election.
  7. the industry
    Maria Bamford Announces Netflix Series PremiereBam(ford) goes the dynamite!
  8. arrested development season 5
    Arrested D Scrapped Trans Plot After TransparentReal life keeps stealing Mitch Hurwitz’s ideas.
  9. Mitch Hurwitz Hopes to Release ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Before the […]While none of the main cast members have officially signed on yet, Mitch Hurwitz is currently working on season 5 of Arrested Development, and […]
  10. Netflix Orders a Mitch Hurwitz-Produced Series Starring Maria BamfordRejoice, Maria Bamford fans, because she’s finally getting her very own comedy series. According to THR, Netflix has ordered 13 episodes a new […]
  11. flaked
    Netflix Adds Another Will Arnett Series Just for KicksIt’s called Flaked.
  12. Mitch Hurwitz Is Re-Editing ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 in […]Good news for Arrested Development fans who were confused by season 4’s character-focused episodes. According to Uproxx, AD creator Mitch […]
  13. arrested development development
    Soon There’ll Be a Reason to Revisit Arrested Development Season 4Mitch Hurwitz gives a surprising update.
  14. Mitch Hurwitz on Fox’s Request to Dumb Down ‘Arrested Development’“I’m somebody who probably cares a little too much about other people’s experience and I really wanted Fox to be happy. But I just had to say I […]
  15. Looking Back at Ellen and Mitch Hurwitz’s Sitcom ‘The Ellen Show’The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  16. bffs
    Mitch Hurwitz and Dan Harmon Are Working Together on a Secret Project“Community Development”?
  17. Dan Harmon and Mitch Hurwitz Are Working on a Mysterious Project TogetherCommunity creator Dan Harmon did an interview with Rolling Stone out today, and in it, he mentioned that he and Arrested Development creator […]
  18. cameos
    Watch How Community Turned Mitch Hurwitz Into Van WilderThe Arrested Development creator played Greendale’s “ultimate party animal.” 
  19. existence after arrested development
    Mitch Hurwitz to Direct Human Guinea Pig ComedyWritten by Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant.
  20. ‘Arrested Development’ Creator Mitch Hurwitz to Direct His First Movie, […]Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz is preparing to direct his first movie. He’s attached to direct a comedy called Guinea Pigging that […]
  21. Looking Back at the ‘John Larroquette Show’The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  22. A Look at The Cast of ‘Arrested Development’ On ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Tonight on Bravo, the case of Arrested Development will sit down with one of their own when they join James Lipton aka Warden Gentles on his […]
  23. Mitch Hurwitz, Tim & Eric to Guest Star on ‘Community’The upcoming season of Community is already set to have plenty of cast changes, and now the show has announced even more big name stars will be […]
  24. guest stars
    Community Casts Mitch Hurwitz, Tim and EricLots of guest stars this season.
  25. This Week in Comedy: Three Rejected Sitcoms and a ‘Parks and Rec’ Hiatus-Sarah Silverman released Susan 313, the pilot she made for NBC in 2012 that they didn’t pick up. -We looked at two more rejected pilots, the […]
  26. The ‘Arrested Development’ Cast Is Doing ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’The Bravo network announced today that creator Mitch Hurwitz and the Arrested Development cast are doing an upcoming episode of Inside the […]
  27. ‘Happiness Isn’t Everything’: Mitch Hurwitz’s Lost Post-’Arrested […]“The Script Pile” is a new biweekly column on Splitsider that examines the screenplays for high-profile movie and TV comedies that never made […]
  28. the vulture transcript
    Mitch Hurwitz on the Creative Process, Casting Jason Bateman, and Loose SealsWe chatted with the Arrested Development creator onstage last night at the New York Television Festival.
  29. Mitch Hurwitz Talked Alternate Casting and ‘Arrested Development’ PlansArrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz was the keynote speaker at the New York Television Festival last night, and as he tends to do, he […]
  30. Mitch Hurwitz Says the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Is Next, Then Another […]Mitch Hurwitz has big plans for the future of Arrested Development. The creator of the beloved series tells Rolling Stone he wants to do a […]
  31. Mitch Hurwitz Says Peter Serafinowicz and Franklin the Puppet Will Appear […]During an appearance on The Empire Film Podcast today, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz talked a little about the future of the show. […]
  32. Talking to Mitch Hurwitz About ‘Arrested Development’ and Why It’s Okay If […]It would be nearly impossible to overstate the influence of Arrested Development on today’s TV comedy landscape. While the original three […]
  33. 11 Shows That Went Head-to-Head With ‘SNL’ and LostSaturday Night Live is an institution that has been considered overrated and underrated since its debut in 1975, always provoking debate, […]
  34. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: It Gets Better / Off The Hook / […]In addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider has also been posting episode-by-episode recaps that have covered a few […]
  35. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: A New Attitude / SeñoritisIn addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider has also been posting episode-by-episode recaps that will cover two […]
  36. Highlights from Mitch Hurwitz’s Reddit AMAArrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz took to Reddit today to answer “questions, complaints, criticisms, etc.” and thank fans for […]
  37. Amy Poehler Named ‘Comedy Person of the Year’ by Just For LaughsAmy Poehler is the recipient of the big “Comedy Person of the Year” prize at this year’s Just For Laughs Montreal, the festival announced this […]
  38. postmortem
    Arrested Postmortem: What’s Next for the BluthsThe next chapter is about the family coming back together.
  39. Mitch Hurwitz Says Newsman John Beard Should Be ‘Taking Some of Brian […]“I don’t know why this guy isn’t taking some of Brian Williams’ jobs in comedy. He’s excellent. He plays it serious and also makes fun of […]
  40. The ‘Arrested Development’ Banana Stand Is Based on Mitch Hurwitz’s […]It turns out one of the most memorable parts of Arrested Development – the Bluth family banana stand – is based on something from creator Mitch […]
  41. Mitch Hurwitz Discusses ‘Sit Down, Shut Up’, His Follow Up to ‘Arrested […]The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  42. Of Course Netflix Wants to Make More ‘Arrested Development’It’s really no surprise that Netflix is interested in making more episodes of Arrested Development. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told CNBC today, […]
  43. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: Flight of the Phoenix / Borderline […]In addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider will also be posting episode-by-episode recaps that will cover two episodes […]
  44. New ‘Arrested Development’ Season Will Feature Longer Episodes and NudityTaking full advantage of his new-found freedom at Netflix, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz said today that some of this new block of […]
  45. will you or won't you?
    Will You Binge-Watch Arrested Development This Weekend, or Take It Slow? Mitch Hurwitz recommends pacing yourself. Are you taking his advice?
  46. why so blue?
    The True Origin Stories Behind Six Classic Arrested Development JokesMitch Hurwitz tells all: Who decided Carl Weathers should be cheap? Why the Blue Man Group? And has anyone ever eaten a mayonegg?
  47. Mitch Hurwitz Doesn’t Want You to Watch ‘Arrested Development’s New Season […]Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz warned fans against consuming the entire new season of the show in one big gulp this morning an […]
  48. pace yourself
    Hurwitz: Don’t Binge-Watch Arrested Development“It’s a comedy! It’s not like Lord of the Rings. Comedy takes a lot out of you.”
  49. i just blue myself
    New Arrested Development Best Viewed in Order“You gotta watch them in order,” says Mitch Hurwitz. “Turns out I was not successful in creating a form where the setup follows the punch line.”
  50. You Will Have to Watch the New Season of ‘Arrested Development’ in Order […]It turns out that there will be an intended episode order for the new season of Arrested Development after all. Creator Mitch Hurwitz and Jason […]
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