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  1. moneyball
    Aaron Sorkin Takes a Swing at MoneyballAre you sick of hearing about Soderbergh’s ‘Moneyball’ movie that was put on ice three weeks ago? Too bad!
  2. the comics page
    Comics Excerpt: The Arrival Author Shaun Tan Tells Tales From Outer SuburbiaThe solemn silence of ‘The Arrival’ didn’t prepare us for the wordy whimsy of Tan’s new book.
  3. faux pas
    Ryan Seacrest Tries to High-Five Blind Guy, FailsShould’ve gone for the fist bump, bro!
  4. charts
    American Idol: New Judge, Same Bad ContestantsWe recap last night’s eighth-season premiere in typical chart-based fashion.
  5. mean girls
    New Idol Judge Demonstrates Her Mean-Girl CredKara DioGuardi saved her harshest criticism for female contestants.
  6. imminent disasters
    Fox President Kevin Reilly Damns Dollhouse With Faint PraiseFriday-night time slots are the kiss of death for episodic drama.
  7. news reel
    Benjamin Button Composer Deemed Untalented by Gifting-Suite Attendant’I’m sorry, you’re not on the list.’
  8. books
    Reading Is FundamentalAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  9. right-click
    Fucked Up’s Twelve-Hour Show in Just Three-and-a-Half MinutesIt’s a video!
  10. relief
    Update: Bush’s Farewell Speech to Preempt Kath & KimWe take back all the mean things we ever said about him.
  11. haunted vaginas
    Who You Gonna Call?It may very well be the worst comic ever, but it contains this amazing word bubble.
  12. kudos
    Jimmy Fallon Is Winning (Online) Friends and (Possibly) Influencing PeopleNBC gets creative in its positioning of late night’s newest talk-show host.
  13. art candy
    Artists Laurent and Jean de Brunhoff Sport Their Racing TrunksHalf the charm of Laurent and Jean de Brunhoff’s drawings are in the titles.
  14. mall-based law enforcement
    Paul Blart: Mall Cop Not Your Only Mall-Cop Movie Option in 2009Seth Rogen’s ‘Observe and Report’ sounds good — not that ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ won’t be too!
  15. grad schools
    James Franco’s Relentless Interstate Pursuit of an MFANot even the rain has such small hands.
  16. right-click
    Vivian Girls Do Their Thing to the Beach BoysFans of the Beach Boys, and technically proficient singing in general, might have a difficult time with this cover.
  17. vulture picture palace
    Filmmaker Dale Goodson Gets GasHey, remember those skyrocketing fuel prices earlier this year? Boy, was that a silly time — and so long ago, too.
  18. nazi tom cruise
    Tom Cruise Possibly Being Sued by Rice-a-Roni Jingle Writer Over Hitler GlobeWha?
  19. beef
    Watchmen Battle: Which Studio Is Better, Warner Bros. or Fox?The battle over ‘Watchmen’ has devolved into a hilarious squabble over evidence that Warner says proves that it’s the ‘better’ studio
  20. quote machine
    Coldplay Announce Plans to Get Even WorsePlus: Prince has gay friends with whom he studies the Bible.
  21. delays
    Courtney Love’s Menstruation-Sponsored Album Still on TrackLove was evidently supposed to release a new album yesterday through her Website, but it’s been delayed for a host of perfectly understandable reasons.
  22. yay
    Sleepwalk With Me Extends Run Through MarchSeriously, that is not a typo.
  23. trailer mix
    I Love You, Man Trailer: Apatovian Enough for Now, We GuessPaul Rudd and Jason Segel? Fine.
  24. quote machine
    Kristin Stewart Not Sure Why She’s Playing Joan Jett EitherPlus: Tom Cruise always wanted to kill Hitler.
  25. apropos of nothing
    1.21 Gigawatts!Doc Brown would be so proud!
  26. practice makes perfect
    Tom Cruise Attempts Comedy Again, Stumbles in the ProcessOr is delivering a Top Ten list on ‘Letterman’ harder than we ever realized?
  27. disasters
    Report: Columbia Records Dumping Expensive HippieSony could be close to removing bearded mystic Rick Rubin from his post as the co-head of Columbia Records.
  28. tube junkie
    Flight of the Conchords Season-Two Premiere Debuts Early on Funny or DieCan the boys get their mojo back after the resounding success of their rivals, the Crazy Dogggz?
  29. kudos
    Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino Oscar Hopes Not Crushed YetFor Best Original Song, that is.
  30. basel blog
    Kmart Special Time at Art Basel Miami$30,000 seems to be a magic number.
  31. minnelli madness
    Love Liza, But Only From AfarWatch the video to see what happens when reporter Tim Murphy tries to get into Liza’s dressing room.
  32. trailer mix
    If You Like These 2 Minutes of ‘Che,’ Then You’ll Love the Other 238As the trailer attests, real revolutionaries don’t need no stinking bathroom breaks.
  33. basel blog
    Art Basel Miami Kicks Off Cautiously, Optimistically’It’s a tough market,’ says John Good, gallery director of Gagosian Gallery.
  34. art candy
    Artist Rafael Perez Will Get His Pants Back From That BirdHere, a pantless woman inspects her kinda dainty rifle with care.
  35. countdown
    Michael Cera to Star in ‘Paper Hearts,’ the World’s Best MovieThe makers of the top-secret ‘Hearts’ are trying to keep the movie under wraps in hopes that it’ll take Sundance by surprise in January.
  36. news reel
    Robert De Niro, Ron Wood, Damien Hirst, and More Make the Best of Alcohol-Free Museum of Islamic Art OpeningThe opening of I.M. Pei’s Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, certainly seemed to carry the newfound sense that the Bush-era ‘Clash of Civilizations’ might be coming to an end.
  37. chat room
    Danny Hoch on Why Michigan Girls Are Like CroissantsDanny Hoch’s sweet-toothed thoughts on why Williamsburg hipsters are “marshmallows” and Michigan girls are more like pastries.
  38. labor unrest
    SAG Seeks Authorization to Strike, Destroy What’s Left of HollywoodA strike could happen soon enough to prevent the Golden Globe Awards from taking place in January, though we’d imagine there would also be a downside.
  39. science
    Computers Not Sure Why You Like ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ EitherNetflix’s recommendation engine has no idea if you’ll like ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ ‘I Heart Huckabees,’ or ‘Kill Bill.’
  40. chinese democracy
    ‘Chinese Democracy’ Day Ruined by Dr. Pepper’s Broken WebsiteWas it intentional sabotage on the part of a company that didn’t want to follow through with an expensive promotion? Or just general Web-based incompetence?
  41. broadwaypocalypse
    It’s Not Alive! ‘Young Frankenstein’ to Close in January TooMel Brooks’s ‘Young Frankenstein’ will play its final performance on January 4.
  42. roll credits
    Week in Review: Sexiest Blog Posts AliveLooking back on one sexy week.
  43. sadness
    Layoffs Hit the Weinstein CompanyThe ‘Post’ reports that the Weinstein Company today laid off 24 people (11 percent of its workforce), citing the economy.
  44. overnights
    The Office: Jim and Pam Dodge a Bullet! Yes, Another One!Jim’s a small-town imp socially just stunted enough to think it’s a good idea to buy his parents’ house for him and his fiancée without telling her.
  45. beef
    Billy Corgan: Eddie Vedder Exclusively to Blame for Cubs’ Crappy SeasonSmashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan has called out Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder for, of all things, the Cubs’ disappointing season.
  46. ben silverman
    ‘My Own Worst Enemy’: Not Ben Silverman’s Fault!Turns out he is merely responsible for all of NBC’s other problems.
  47. overnights
    The Office: Give Michael a Break Already!Michael’s never seemed sadder than at the end of this episode, after being forced to do the walk of shame in Winnipeg.
  48. art candy
    The Brooklyn Museum Visits Astroland One Last TimeGood-bye, Coney Island?
  49. overnights
    ‘The Riches’: Introducing the Eden Falls Cost of Living Index!The rewards are there for the taking, but as with gas and groceries, the prices they must pay just keep going up.
  50. countdown
    ‘Battlestar Galactica’: The Internet Teases — and Spoils — Season FourWho’s a Cylon now? What’s up with Starbuck’s Viper? Will they ever find Earth? Who’s gonna DIE?
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