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Modest Proposals

  1. conspiracy theories
    Is Ethel Muggs the True Criminal Mastermind of Riverdale?A very serious theory.
  2. modest proposals
    Rebooting Forgotten TV Shows Is a Great IdeaYou probably didn’t watch The L.A. Complex. That’s why it’s such a perfect candidate for a reboot now.
  3. modest proposals
    Some Lucky Couple Got the Tom Hanks–Assisted Marriage Proposal of Your DreamsAny questions? After that one big one?
  4. modest proposals
    The Mindy Project Should Reboot Itself Next SeasonKeep Mindy, Danny, and Morgan. Scrap everything else.
  5. modest proposals
    Step Aside, Noah: 5 Other Bible Movies and Who Should Direct ThemWhy Wes Anderson should direct a Jonah epic.
  6. modest proposals
    Three Radical Ideas for Saving The KillingHow about … no more killing?
  7. modest proposals
    ‘Deez Nups’: Psych Has the Best Episode TitlesMore shows should have more fun with their episode titles!