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  1. money
    Michelle Obama Memoir Continues to Steamroll Every Other Book Released This YearAnd more tour dates were added.
  2. right click
    Cardi B Returns With New Single ‘Money’ Because Babies Are Expensive“I got a baby, I need some money,” she raps.
  3. money
    Cardi B’s “Money” Announcement Deserves Its Own, Well, AnnouncementHer first solo release since Invasion of Privacy will reportedly drop Thursday.
  4. $$$$
    Claire Foy Says The Crown Never Gave Her Back Pay Following Pay Gap ScandalReports that she would receive extra money were “not quite correct.”
  5. legal troubles
    Johnny Depp’s Request to Delay Fraud Trial Against Former Managers DeniedFirst that Rolling Stone profile, now this.
  6. money
    Comedians Reveal What the L.A. Stand-up Scene Actually Pays“The idea that you can just move here and start making five figures doing stand-up comedy is the best joke I’ve heard all year.”
  7. legal troubles
    Johnny Depp Sued by Ex-Bodyguards for Unpaid Wages and Dangerous Work ConditionsThe bodyguards claim Depp exposed them to “illegal substances.”
  8. How I Bought a House at 25 by Saving Up and Also Being the Daughter of the […] As a millennial, I’m so frustrated when I see my peers complaining about their circumstances. The idea that my generation is entirely helpless […]
  9. money
    Netflix Lost a Whole Lot of Money on Scrapped Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. ProjectsThe streaming service canceled Kevin Spacey’s Gore Vidal biopic and a Louis C.K. comedy special after sexual-misconduct scandals involving both men.
  10. Is It Time for UCB to Start Paying Performers?Performing improv or standup on a UCB stage might be fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not labor worthy of payment – especially when you’re […]
  11. How Much Money Would These Famous TV Families Make Today?Who’s richer, the Huxtables or the Dunphys?
  12. Another Email About the Tax Brochure from “Jazz Guy” at Work, by Jeffrey […] From the top: Hey, this is Dorian from the tax department — we met last Thursday at the BEPS conference downstairs (I was the one whose silk […]
  13. art
    Where Did Marina Abramovic Institute’s Money Go?The Hudson holy site is being abandoned.
  14. legal battles
    Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Push to Foreclose on Five of His HousesThe company claims it needs the money to cover a $5 million loan to the actor.
  15. good one podcast
    Maria Bamford Wants to Tell You How Much Money She MakesOn this week’s Good One podcast, Bamford discusses giving a commencement speech about getting paid to give it.
  16. netflix
    Amy Schumer Retroactively Negotiated for More Money for Her Netflix SpecialSchumer was initially paid $11 million compared to Rock and Chappelle’s $20 million.
  17. but his emails
    What Does Johnny Depp Consider a Reasonable Christmas Gift?“i need to give my kiddies and famille as good a Christmas as possible, obviously within reason.”
  18. Dan Aykroyd Says Paul Feig Spent Too Much on ‘Ghostbusters’: ‘He Will Not […]According to Dan Aykroyd, a sequel to 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot is not in the cards, and Aykroyd isn’t shying away from putting all the blame […]
  19. lawsuits
    Johnny Depp Says He Spent $5 Million on a Cannon for Hunter S. Thompson’s AshesDepp is currently engaged in a legal battle with his former business managers.
  20. videology
    Please Behold Migos Literally Counting Money Next to Dead PresidentsDoing Jay Z and Nas so proud.
  21. money
    Prince Preferred to Keep His Money in Mansions and 67 Gold BarsThe singer’s estate is currently being assessed.
  22. Inventions I Plan on Pitching to Powerful Venture Capitalists, by Jeremy […] • Go Gravy!: A fully portable, on-the-go gravy maker that you plug into your car. Unplug and douse your turkey when you get home, or pop open […]
  23. expense accounts
    Making The Get Down Reportedly Cost Even More Than We ThoughtLots of money.
  24. fan conventions
    Fan Conventions Prove Lucrative for Genre ActorsThanks to the fast-growing convention industry, actors can now earn more for autographs than for their acting.
  25. Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, and Amy Schumer Among 2016’s Highest Paid […]Forbes released their annual list of the top ten highest paid comedians today, and 2016’s list has a few surprises. Forbes calculated each […]
  26. money
    The Rock Is 2016’s Highest-Paid ActorHis paydays are almost as big as his biceps.
  27. new ways to spend money
    Congratulations, You Can Spend $800 on LOTRPlus a shelf!
  28. A Slightly Depressing Walk Through Forbes’ List of the Highest-Paid […] Trawling YouTube is a weekly look at one interesting story or oddity from YouTube. You ever go down a YouTube rabbit hole and suddenly you’ve […]
  29. irreconcilable differences
    Donald Trump and Rap Came Up Together, and Now They’re Coming ApartHow rappers came “Up Like Trump” and now pray for his downfall.
  30. Taylor Swift Tops Forbes’ Highest-Paid CelebsThat’s how the girl gets the cash.
  31. money
    Taylor Swift Was Highest-Paid Musician in 2015Maybe her cats will think she’s cool now.
  32. Samantha Bee Covers the Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Controversy on ‘Full […]Here’s a great clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee takes a closer look at the backlash in response to the news that Harriet […]
  33. Louis C.K. Says ‘Horace and Pete’ Put Him ‘Millions of Dollars in Debt’Louis C.K.’s new series Horace and Pete just wrapped up its 10-episode run (check out our review here), and it turns out that C.K.’s latest […]
  34. money
    Who’s Getting Rich Off of Hamilton? Everybody!The ten-dollar founding father is pulling in a lot of Hamiltons a week.
  35. money
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Says Hamilton May Stay on $10Oh, hey, can he be president?
  36. money
    Henry Cavill ‘Not Just Doing This for the Art’Man of $teel.
  37. imagine no possessions
    A Lock of John Lennon’s Hair Sold for $35KThe 4-inch lock of hair was cut in 1967.
  38. ny la comedy
    All the Ways 20 Comedians Make Money in NYC and L.A.From podcasts to web series to branded content.
  39. We Wanted to Alert You to a Rather Large Purchase, by Ian GoldsteinDear Daniel S. Clavers, We wanted to alert you to some rather large purchases recently charged to your account: • $400.00 Fine Young […]
  40. ‘The Onion,’ ‘The A.V. Club,’ and ‘Clickhole’ Are Prepping for a SaleFunny or Die isn’t the only comedy site considering a big sale this week. Bloomberg reports today that Onion Inc. – owner of pop culture and […]
  41. money
    Eddie Murphy and Katherine Heigl Deemed Hollywood’s Least Valuable ActorsCan you guess who reigns (un)supreme?
  42. Movie/TV Star Crystal the Monkey Gets Paid Mad BananasAre you sitting down? Try not to skip ahead. Now guess how much Crystal the monkey will get per episode of Animal Practice. Remember she’s had […]
  43. money
    Those Lone Ranger Budget Cuts Didn’t WorkThe Johnny Depp movie is way over budget again.
  44. money
    Producer: Lindsay Lohan Is the ‘Most Insured Actress That Ever Walked’It took a lot of money to put up a bond for her new Lifetime movie.
  45. money
    Diddy Is Still the Richest Rapper, Says ForbesThe list is the same as last year, only richer.
  46. money
    The Lion King Is Now Broadway’s Biggest Grosser EverIt just surpassed Phantom.
  47. money
    Disney to Lose $200 Million on John CarterOuch.
  48. money
    HBO Makes a Billion Dollars a YearSorry, Showtime.
  49. advertising
    Watch a Video Illustrating the Literal Cost of Commercials1. Watch this video that illustrates how much it costs to air a commercial 2. Reassess EVERYTHING.
  50. bill murray
    See a ‘$5 Bill Murray’It’s Bill Murray. On a five-dollar bill. A five-dollar Bill Murray.
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