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Monica Lewinsky

  1. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment’s Final ActAn expert analysis of the finale’s depiction of the Starr report’s release and political fallout and our characters’ post-impeachment fates.
  2. fact vs fiction
    Fact-Checking Impeachment’s ‘The Grand Jury’An expert analysis of the sympathetic and not-so-sympathetic treatment afforded to the Starr investigation’s key witnesses.
  3. fact vs fiction
    Fact-Checking Impeachment’s ‘Stand by Your Man’An expert analysis of the enduring details (and jokes) that came out of Clinton’s grand jury testimony, and that “vast right-wing conspiracy” thing.
  4. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment’s Dramatic Sting OperationAn expert analysis of how episode six, “Man Handled,” approaches the FBI’s interrogation and persuasion of Monica Lewinsky.
  5. fact vs fiction
    Impeachment: Fact-checking Episode Five, ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’An expert analysis of Clinton’s testimony in the Jones case and the behind-the-scenes drama in Ken Starr’s office.
  6. fact vs fiction
    Impeachment: Fact-checking Episode Four, ‘The Telephone Hour’An expert analysis of the personal and legal implications of Linda Tripp’s taped calls with Monica Lewinsky.
  7. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment Episode Three, ‘Not To Be Believed’An expert analysis of everything from Matt Drudge’s dumpster diving to how Paula Jones really felt about that $700,000 settlement offer.
  8. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment, Episode Two, ‘The President Kissed Me’An expert analysis of everything from Clinton and Lewinsky’s first kiss to Linda Tripp’s Christmas obsession.
  9. fact vs fiction
    Fact-Checking the Impeachment: American Crime Story PremiereAn expert analysis of everything from Tripp and Lewinsky’s first meeting to the onion on Vince Foster’s burger.
  10. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Impeachment Wants to Remind You All This Stuff Really HappenedIt’s our first look at Bill Clinton.
  11. the industry
    Monica Lewinsky Is Revisiting Her 15 Minutes of Shame in New DocumentaryThe anti-bullying activist is coming to HBO Max.
  12. scandals
    American Crime Story’s Third Season to Focus on Bill Clinton’s Impeachment TrialAnd Monica Lewinsky is producing it.
  13. last night on late night
    John Oliver Explores the Dark Side of Public Shaming With Monica LewinskyOliver also called out Jay Leno for his years of Lewinsky roasting.
  14. podcast review
    What Is Slow Burn Without Monica Lewinsky?The Slate podcast is an excellent political documentary, but it’s missing a crucial voice.
  15. tv
    Never-Before-Seen Footage of Clinton and Lewinsky to Be Included in New DocYes, the blue Gap dress will make an appearance.
  16. television
    History Is No Longer Making Its Bill Clinton Impeachment SeriesThe news came shortly after Ryan Murphy confirmed he is also shelving his Bill Clinton–Monica Lewinsky American Crime Story season.
  17. tv development
    Ryan Murphy’s Monica Lewinsky Crime Story Season Definitely Isn’t HappeningMurphy’s also bringing on Joan Collins for American Horror Story.
  18. movies
    The Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky Drama Linda and Monica Heads to AmazonFlint Wainess’s screenplay made the Black List in 2016.
  19. dream casting
    Let’s Cast the Lewinsky and Versace Seasons of American Crime StoryFX, you’re welcome.
  20. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes on the Songs of January 1998So many fish-eye lenses.