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  1. baby got back
    Watch ‘Baby Got Back’ As Sung by 295 MoviesBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  2. apocalypse now
    Watch a Supercut of ‘I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning’ ReferencesYou know your movie line is iconic once it’s been interpreted by computer-animated guinea pigs.
  3. breaking bad
    Watch a Montage of First-Person P.O.V. Shots on Breaking BadBreaking Bad’s got signature style.
  4. clickables
    Here’s a Montage of People Who Can Scream and Be Heard in SpaceRidley Scott lied to us.
  5. clickables
    See Scarlett Johansson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Connery, and More in a ‘Before They Were Famous’ ReelGosling wins again.
  6. clickables
    Watch a Comprehensive Final Destination Death MontageCan a death be considered a spoiler in this one?
  7. clickables
    Here’s a Montage of Bob Odenkirk Yelling on Mr. ShowAs advertised.
  8. clickables
    Watch a Montage of the 100 Greatest Threats in Movie History“It’s going to be biblical.”
  9. clickables
    Watch a Tribute to Great Performances by Movie Sandwiches’Spanglish’ finally gets some recognition.
  10. clickables
    Watch a Super-Cut of Every Line Said by Bill Paxton in AliensA tour de force performance.
  11. clickables
    Enjoy a Montage of Boston Movie Characters Saying the F-Word in Their Special WayNSFW, of course.
  12. clickables
    Watch a Montage of Clichés in 2011’s Most-Anticipated MoviesAnd the Best Close-Up of Terror Award goes to … Kyle Chandler!
  13. clickables
    Watch a Montage of Movie Titles Said in MoviesThe smartest movies understand that they are movies.
  14. clickables
    Enjoy the Definitive Collection of Sam Rockwell’s Slick Dance MovesHe’s unstoppable.
  15. clickables
    See a Comprehensive Montage of Natalie Portman Crying in MoviesWhich cry will she use at the Oscars?
  16. clickables
    Watch a Moving Montage of the Best Sports Pep Talks in Movies and TV’FNL’ fans, don’t get your hopes up.
  17. clickables
    Watch a Bunch of Movie Characters Tell You What Time It IsIt’s always the same time.
  18. clickables
    Watch a Montage of Movie People Getting Slapped in the FaceOuch.
  19. clickables
    Watch a Super-Cut of People Excusing Themselves in MoviesMovie people always have somewhere better to be.
  20. clickables
    Watch a Montage of Leonardo DiCaprio Losing His Mind in MoviesLots of Crumple Face.
  21. clickables
    Watch Part One of an Extended Tribute to Fictional Bands in MoviesPart Two to come.
  22. clickables
    Hear a Tribute Montage of Musicians Who Died in 2010From Lena Horne to Jay Reatard.
  23. clickables
    Watch Another Excellent Mash-Up of 2010 MoviesMemories.
  24. clickables
    Watch a Montage of People Saying ‘We’re Not in Kansas Anymore’Toto has a great agent.
  25. clickables
    Watch Mark Wahlberg Yell ‘Not You’ at Everyone ImaginableHe’s the fighter. Not you.
  26. tv
    Watch Six Seasons of Lost’s Hurley Saying ‘Dude’Dude. Dude! Dude?
  27. movies
    Watch a ‘We’ve Got Company’ Movie MontageAnother movie-cliché supercut for the movie cliché records.
  28. tv
    Watch a Dirty Remix of Nigella Lawson’s Culinary Exclamations“Bit of a grown-up taste,” indeed.
  29. tv
    Watch a Montage of Sawyer From Lost Saying ‘Son of a Bitch’Son of a bitch.
  30. montages
    The Cheesy Love Montage That Made Us Weep, Damn ItWe swear, it’s actually pretty good.
  31. movies
    The Best Movies of the Aughts: A Video MontageA decade in seven minutes.