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Morning Glory

  1. your box office explained
    Ironically Titled Denzel Movie Places SecondPlus: ‘Morning Glory’ fails to rise or shine.
  2. talk
    What Movie Will You See This Weekend?’Skyline’? Anyone?
  3. romantic comedy
    A Breakdown of Morning Glory for Rom-Com PuristsHow does it stack up against other romantic comedies?
  4. movie review
    Morning Glory’s Cookie-Cutter CharmThe movie pokes fun at shallow, self-satisfied TV morning shows that are no less artificial than this chick flick.
  5. roundup
    How Much Better Is Rachel McAdams Than Morning Glory?’The Notebook’ star is getting glowing reviews. The movie, not so much.
  6. the industry
    Movie Trailers Give More and More Plot AwayThe ‘Morning Glory’ ad tells you the entire plot, and James L. Brooks relates how his ‘Simpsons Movie’ experience showed him that telling all is the new Hollywood order.
  7. trailer mix
    Morning Glory Trailer: Let’s Start Talking About How Rachel McAdams Is Like Julia Roberts AlreadyIt might as well include a title card saying, “and starring maybe the next Julia Roberts (if you all decide to help this movie make a ton of money).”
  8. the industry
    Tracy Morgan Is a Nigerian Prince and He Needs Your HelpPlus: Oprah now a little more powerful.
  9. morning glory
    Oasis to Woo You With Advance StreamsThe band is streaming their new album on MySpace, a full week before it drops in stores.