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Most Valuable Stars 2014

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    The Opposite Trajectories of Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds [Updated]Things are going so right for Cooper, even as the superficially similar Reynolds is having a tough time of it.
  2. most valuable stars 2014
    Career Advice for Shia LaBeouf and 4 Other Falling StarsThey fell off our 100 Most Valuable Stars list, but how do they get back on?
  3. most valuable stars 2014
    The 48 Stars That People Like Less Than Anne HathawayThink Anne Hathaway is the least likable person in Hollywood? Think again!
  4. most valuable stars 2014
    Jennifer Lawrence and What It Means to Be Hollywood’s Top Female StarHow often has an actress been perceived as the biggest star in Hollywood?
  5. most valuable stars 2014
    9 Actors Who Could Be Big Movie Stars Next YearWho’s on the verge of a major breakout?
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    How Vulture Ranked Its 2014 Most Valuable Stars ListAnd how Jennifer Lawrence came out on top.
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    Vulture’s Most Valuable Stars of 2014Find out who matters most to Hollywood.