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Most Valuable Stars 2015

  1. most valuable stars 2015
    The 10 Most Valuable Comic Actors in HollywoodThe top three in 2012 were Carell, Sandler, and Stiller. Now it’s McCarthy, Hart, and Schumer.
  2. most valuable stars 2015
    J.Law in Hateful 8 and Other 2015 Actor What-IfsHow different would Star Wars be with some of these other actors who auditioned for it?
  3. most valuable stars 2015
    The 10 Most Valuable Actors in HollywoodAlthough none of our top ten stars could rightly be called “comedians,” they all seem to be drawing more and more on that skill.
  4. most valuable stars 2015
    The 10 Most Valuable Actresses in HollywoodThey’re more critically acclaimed than their male counterparts.
  5. most valuable stars 2015
    The 100 Most Delightful Things Jennifer Lawrence Has Ever DoneGetting it down to just 100 on Vulture’s Most Valuable Star was actually kind of tough.
  6. most valuable stars 2015
    How Vulture Ranked Its 2015 Most Valuable Stars ListHere’s why Jennifer Lawrence continued her reign.
  7. most valuable stars 2015
    Vulture’s Most Valuable Stars of 2015Find out who matters most to Hollywood.
  8. most valuable stars 2015
    5 Movie Stars Who Could Break Through in 2016These actors-on-the-rise just missed a spot on Vulture’s 2015 Most Valuable Stars list, but their ascents seem imminent.