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    Woman at War Is an Offbeat Dramedy About an Environmental ActivistBenedikt Erlingsson could have told this tale grimly — it’s grim stuff. But he has a wild card.
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    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Is Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mannered Directing DebutPerhaps too mannered for its own good — it’s unquestionably nice and well-intentioned, but lacking momentum.
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    The Dance-Horror Film Climax Is the Best Thing Gaspar Noé Has Made in AgesIt’s like if you turned Step Up into a horror flick.
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    Cancer Drama Paddleton Is Embarrassingly Bad — Until the Stunning EndingIt’s a pity the first hour needs to be endured.
  5. movie review
    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Is Curiously ElegiacFor some, it’ll be a moving conclusion to an epic series. For others, it’ll be one less kids’ franchise to worry about.
  6. movie review
    Greta Is a Rare Miss From Neil JordanThis rote psycho-horror flick has zero subtext and twists you can see limping toward you like the zombie tropes they are.
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    Christian Petzold’s Transit Is Confounding, But CompellingOnce the bitterly ironic vision of this slow-motion mistaken-identity farce takes hold, it eats into the mind.
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    Fighting With My Family Is a Charming Underdog Story — and Amazing WWE PRIt’s just clear-eyed enough about the absurdities of a life in wrestling to have some grip to it.
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    Birds of Passage Is a KnockoutIt’s part ethnographic documentary, part The Godfather.
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    Alita: Battle Angel Is Ungainly, Hokey, and … Kinda CharmingThe only reason any of this works at all is Rosa Salazar and, I hate to say it, those goddamned big eyes.
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    Isn’t It Romantic Is the Inception of Rom-Coms (…Sort Of)It nestles a playfully meta rom-com satire inside what appears to be another rom-com — and suggests that, maybe, such movies still have their place.
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    Happy Death Day 2 U Is a Madcap Sequel That Goes to Unexpected PlacesStalk-and-kill movies bear some resemblance to classic farces, but none have taken the similarities as far as Happy Death Day and its sequel.
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    The Gospel of Eureka Is Meditative and Fabulous in Equal MeasureThe doc explores Eureka Springs, Arkansas, a Bible Belt destination where religion and queerness have become intertwined in fascinating ways.
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    Horror Noire Is a Lively, Essential History LessonShudder’s new documentary about the history of black people in the horror genre is a powerful reclamation project.
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    In Cold Pursuit, Liam Neeson Seems Done With the Dadsploitation GenreIt’s the latest (and last?) Neeson-starring entry in the middle-aged-man-goes-on-a-killing-spree sweepstakes.
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    Jamie Dornan, Jemima and Lola Kirke Can’t Save UntogetherUntogether is seeking to provoke. But that’s about as racy or intimate as it gets.
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    What Men Want Is a Tonally and Logically Confused Gender SwapStarring Taraji P. Henson, What Men Want is a wildly uneven stretch of a movie that’s more of a flail than a romp.
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    The Prodigy Is a Cruelly Well-Made Bad-Seed Horror MovieThe Prodigy works in a low key that still somehow scrapes your nerves, so when the nasty stuff arrives, you’ve been softened up for the kill.
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    To Dust Is a Good, Slightly Cringeworthy Comedy About a Decomposing CorpseIt has a sicko premise, but scrupulously sicko.
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    Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Shine in Soapy-Yet-Substantial Everybody KnowsThe Oscar-winning Asghar Farhadi changes locales to the picturesque wine country outside Madrid for his foray into Spanish-language cinema.
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    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Is Eager to Grow Up in More Ways Than OneThe childlike, free-associative playfulness is now underscored by a palpable hunger to be the cleverest and coolest kids’ movie on the block.
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    Steven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird Is Compelling Despite Its Narrative FlawsThe storytelling is unshapely — there are plot gaps and it never locks into a rhythm — but the film has a sense of mournfulness that seeps into you.
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    Look Away From Never Look AwayIt’s objectively unfair to be harder on a clunky film that has been nominated for an Oscar than one that few will see, but objectivity is overvalued.
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    Piercing Is Designed to Get Under Your SkinNicolas Pesce’s latest, starring Mia Wasikowska and Christopher Abbott, is alternately alluring and repellent.
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    Arctic Is Grim, But Worth WatchingJoe Penna’s film made me feel less prone to complain about the polar vortex.
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    Miss Bala Isn’t Quite the Clunker It’s Been Made Out to BeThe souped-up plot is certainly indigestible, and there’s a steady stream of bad laughs, but something genuinely frightening comes through.
  27. sundance 2019
    Sundance Standout We Are Little Zombies Is a Neon-Colored Scream Into the AbyssThe RPG-inspired debut feature from Makoto Nagahisa is the best Sundance movie about grief since Manchester by the Sea.
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    Godard’s Film Collage The Image Book Is Like a Window Into His Bitter SoulIf this turns out to be his final statement (he’s 87), it’s an appropriately ragged one, half-formed but gesturing toward meaning. Every edge bleeds.
  29. sundance 2019
    Sweetheart Is a Diamond-Sharp, No-Nonsense Survival ThrillerKiersey Clemons stars in J.D. Dillard’s no-frills, all-thrills film as a woman who washes up on a desert island and encounters … something.
  30. sundance 2019
    The Lodge Is an Unsettling Up-Is-Down Horror TaleRiley Keough plays a survivor of a death cult in the new film from the directors of Goodnight Mommy.
  31. sundance 2019
    The Last Black Man in San Francisco Explores Friendship in a Gentrified CityJoe Talbot’s striking, occasionally contradictory feature debut exhibits both lived-in authenticity and fairy-tale hermeticism.
  32. sundance 2019
    Velvet Buzzsaw Is a Pleasantly Perverse Art-World EviscerationJake Gyllenhaal reteams with Nightcrawler writer-director Dan Gilroy for a Los Angeles horror-satire that has no use for subtlety.
  33. sundance 2019
    The Death of Dick Long Is a Delirious Symphony of StupiditySwiss Army Man co-director Daniel Scheinert returns to Sundance with a more modest effort that’s still plenty weird in its own right.
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    The Kid Who Would Be King Is a Charming ThrowbackIt’s the kind of expansive live-action adventure tale that we rarely see these days.
  35. movie review
    Serenity Is Bad — But There’s Some Method to Its BadnessWriter-director Steven Knight has set himself a very weird task and held firm.
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    King of Thieves Wastes Its Once-in-a-Lifetime CastI kept wishing James Marsh would just drop the not-particularly-interesting plot and let these god-level geezers go off on one another.
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    Polar Is Putrid, Soulless, and Worst of All, StaleJonas Åkerlund’s latest is a sad, lint-filled key bump scraped together from the bottom of the post-Tarantino ’90s exploitation baggie.
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    The Standoff at Sparrow Creek Is a Memorable Feature Directing DebutIt’s an effective little thriller whose occasional flaws come mostly as a result of its considerable virtues, so you roll with it.
  39. movie review
    An Acceptable Loss Is a So-so Thriller, But Jamie Lee Curtis Is FascinatingIt has its moments.
  40. movie review
    M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass Congeals on the ScreenOh, these poor actors.
  41. buffalo boys
    Buffalo Boys Is a Spaghetti-Western Revenge Story With a Good Bloody PayoffThis is one of those vengeance movies where the audience waits impatiently for the bad guys to get it so it really, really, really hurts. And they do.
  42. clones
    Replicas Can’t Even Succeed at Being Fun TrashKeanu Reeves’s latest would be the stuff of future cult screenings if it wasn’t so boring and muddled.
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    Perfect Strangers Is a Comedy About Cell Phone Secrets That Mostly WorksAt a dinner party for old friends, the guests decide on a dumb whim to place their cell phones on the table and share every text or call.
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    The Upside Is an Odd-Couple Cliché With a More Interesting Movie Hiding InsideStarring Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, and Nicole Kidman, The Upside is the kind of movie whose greatest virtue is that it’s not as bad as it could be.
  45. movie review
    The Vanishing Is a Phenomenally Well-Made ThrillerYou’ll never want to go in a lighthouse again.
  46. movie review
    State Like Sleep Starts Strong, But the Payoff Is Criminally UnsatisfyingIt’s good enough to make you wish it were better, less slack, more resolved.
  47. movie review
    American Hangman Is a Cheap, Dumb, Off-Brand Black Mirror EpisodeIt’s college-level death penalty discourse, appropriately armed with what appears to be a college-level production budget.
  48. movie review
    Rust Creek Is a Thriller With a Surprising Streak of HumanismFrom the start, it’s clear director Jen McGowan will be putting her heroine through hell while protecting her from degradation.
  49. movie review
    Escape Room Is a Tight, Thoroughly Fun ThrillerA smart script and clever art direction elevate the puzzle-obsessed not-quite-horror movie.
  50. movie review
    Holmes & Watson Doesn’t Make It Easy, But There’s Fun to Be HadThe movie’s climactic musical number is positively award-worthy. It alone is worth enduring the opening slog.
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