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    Do You Laugh at The Brothers Grimsby, or Does It Laugh at You?The question that inspired The Brothers Grimsby is, “What if James Bond had a brother who was the agent’s polar opposite?”
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    10 Cloverfield Lane Has Many Mysteries, Not All of Them IntentionalEven so, the movie does what it needs to do.
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    Zootopia Is an Animated Romp That Spins a Good Yarn, TooIt’s a big-budget cartoon behemoth underpinned by modest, old-fashioned storytelling.
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    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Plays It Safe and Suffers for ItOdds are the movie will bomb for having no distinct point of view. It’s not so much bad as dismayingly bland.
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    Race Works Best When It Focuses on Jesse OwensThere’s a lot of tempering going on here.
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    Risen Takes a Novel But Grim Approach to the Familiar Crucifixion TaleRisen plays out like a no-nonsense procedural.
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    Mountains May Depart Is Both a Look Back and a ProphecyJia Zhangke’s films have become a part of the Chinese culture he vivisects.
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    How to Be Single Is Ready to Quietly MingleThe sometimes-raunchy movie works best when it’s tender and contemplative.
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    Jack Reynor’s Performance Holds the Bleak Glassland TogetherThis is a bleak, painful movie.
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    There’s Nothing Model About the Bloated, Buffoonish Zoolander 2Ben Stiller seems to think that every instance of Zoolander’s dimness, every malapropism, is going to bring the house down.
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    Review: Deadpool Inverts the Superhero FormulaIt’s a send-up of Marvel movies but in no way a takedown of them.
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    The Club Exists in a Place of Spiritual and Physical ExileWhat to make of a film like this?
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    Regression Is a Disappointing Genre ExerciseThis is not a return to form for Amenabar.
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    The Choice Isn’t a Good Movie, But It Has PuppiesIt’s hard to resist a goddamn Nicholas Sparks movie with puppies.
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    Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and MehYou can enjoy the film — well, parts of it — as a middling stock production with flurries of gore to break the monotony.
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    At Sundance, Two Different Films Examine the Life and Myth of Christine ChubbuckChristine and Kate Plays Christine approach the same purported subject in vastly different ways.
  17. sundance 2016
    Operation Avalanche Is a Sly Act of Movie Love For and By Kubrick FansFans of Room 237 will be enamored.
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    Sundance Review: Little MenIra Sachs has become an essential New York filmmaker.
  19. sundance 2016
    Sundance review: The Heart-Wrenching NewtownThe film is about one of the most horrifying events of recent years, and yet it’s defined by its austerity, its sense of quiet.
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    Yoga Hosers Is Vintage Kevin Smith, for Better or WorseYou get the sense that this is a filmmaker having fun, which is an element Smith’s work has been missing for some time.
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    The Striking Sand Storm Unearths Loneliness Deep in the Israeli DesertIt’s emerging as one of the most-admired films at this year’s Sundance.
  22. sundance 2016
    Sundance Review: The Powerful Birth of a NationIt’s a beautiful, reflective film, even as it is also a brutal, visceral one.
  23. sundance 2016
    Sundance Review: First Girl I Loved“All language, it seems, is flexible – both in the world of the film and in how it communicates with its audience.”
  24. sundance 2016
    Music Doesn’t Save in Sing Street, But It Does SateSing Street is far more boisterous and certainly funnier than Once, but it remains in a minor key; “finding happiness in sadness,” is how one character puts it.
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    Aferim!’s Chatty, Creative Cruelty Eventually ClicksThese characters hate each other, but not as much as they hate other people.
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    Sundance Review: Manchester by the SeaIt isn’t just another sad story.
  27. Sundance Review: Morris From America Is LovelyCraig Robinson gives a subtle, tender lead performance.
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    Sundance Review: Author: The JT LeRoy StoryThe film is wildly entertaining and informative, but also alive and ever-changing.
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    Review: Monster Hunt, China’s Box-Office GiantThis movie will one day be a mere footnote in Chinese movie history. But it’s an occasionally enjoyable footnote.
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    Review: In 5th Wave Innocence and Plot Are LostAt first, The 5th Wave admirably conveys the contrast between warm nostalgia and the absurdist catastrophes befalling humanity. Then the movie becomes disappointing. Then, laughable.
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    Ride Along 2 Is Like Ride Along, But More, and WorseAt least Ice Cube still glares really well.
  32. Rob Schneider’s Norm of the North Is [Fart Noise]Don’t see this movie.
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    Film Review: DiabloScott Eastwood, son of Clint, should know a thing or two about westerns.
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    The Forest Is Dumb, Tedious, and Not ScaryDumb Americans get lost in a Japanese forest and bad things happen to them.
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    Movie Review: Son of SaulLike Birdman and other “tour de force” endurance tests, it holds us with its hard-charging technique, its bullying subjectivity.
  36. The Vatican Did Not Care for The Force AwakensColbert takes us to church.
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    Review: Anomalisa Is Pure, Dark Charlie KaufmanThe most vivid portrait of solipsism this side of Kafka, Strindberg, Camus — name your favorite alienated author.
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    Movie Review: Andrew Haigh’s 45 YearsStarring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay.
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    Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next Is a Smart Idea Excuted ShoddilyRemember when Michael Moore was a great filmmaker?
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    Daddy’s Home Offers Will Ferrell’s Shtick and Not Much ElseIt’s Will Ferrell’s latest study of modern masculinity in retreat.
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    Concussion Goes Too Far in Beating Viewers Over the Head With Its MessageThe constant drumbeat of Big, Teachable Moments starts early, and it never lets up.
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    With The Hateful Eight, Tarantino’s Stylistic Compulsions Lead Him AstrayThe movie furthers Tarantino’s descent into a kind of shock-jock territory that dishonors his early work.
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    Review: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road ChipAnd a John Waters cameo.
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    Movie Review: The Emperor’s New Clothes The loquacious comedian teams up with Michael Winterbottom for this documentary.
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    Sisters Bludgeons Us Into Laugh-Induced SubmissionThe sheer commitment of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make this movie worth seeing.
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    Review: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is New, OldThe Force Awakens gives you the joy of reunions and the tragedy of loss.”
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    Don Verdean Is a Comedy That Forgets to Be FunnyJemaine Clement is in it, though, so that’s good.
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    A Royal Night Out Is Hard to ResistThis is a fun, spirited movie that knows not to overstay its welcome.
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    In the Heart of the Sea Never Finds the Heart of Its StoryThe film fails to show us the very thing that it contends Herman Melville learned from the tale of the Essex.
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    The Lady in the Van Feels Worried to DeathThe film is the final injury to what was once a perfect thing.
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