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  1. 17 Stars Who Started As ExtrasYou may be surprised to find out which of Hollywood’s biggest stars were once just another movie extra.
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    Chris Evans Is a Hollywood Casting Director’s Best Investment Once AgainThe last three movies he starred in pulled $135.80 for every dollar they paid him.
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    Clooney Crushed DiCaprio in a Basketball Game“We’re all like 50 years old, and we beat them three straight.”
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    The Year of Rock: How the Former Wrestler Became King of the Action-Cinema RingIt’s not hard to smell what The Rock is cooking this summer — it’s box-office domination.
  5. Watch a Supercut of Movie Stars Making Their Film DebutsWell, hello, Young Anthony Edwards!
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    Bryan Cranston Joins Rock of AgesHe’ll play Catherine Zeta-Jones’s husband.
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    Marilyn Without Makeup, Clooney in Middle School: A Gallery of 30 Rare Movie-Star PhotosCloonz was a nerd!
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    Movie Stars: Dead!Will the failed movies of summer 2009 finally spell the end for Hollywood’s star system?