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  1. coronavirus
    ‘This Is the Apocalypse That Has Been on the Horizon for a Long Time’Alex Ross Perry, Kris Rey, TT the Artist and more filmmakers on watching their latest movies, and their industry at large, fall to a pandemic.
  2. coronavirus
    Stream an Indie and Support Your Local Movie Theater TooIn a groundbreaking agreement between indie-movie distributor Kino Lorber and art-house cinemas, we might be able to have our cake and eat it.
  3. coronavirus
    Independent Movie Theaters Across the Country Brace for the WorstTheater owners say COVID-19 poses the biggest challenge since 9/11. Some worry they’re facing a breaking point for theatrical distribution entirely.
  4. coronavirus
    Coronavirus Is Pushing Movies Out of Theaters and Online Faster Than Ever BeforePandemic fears are forcing Hollywood to embrace the once unthinkable “day and date” release.
  5. coronavirus
    New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Movie Theaters to Close Over CoronavirusIn addition to concert halls.
  6. coronavirus
    How to Get a Refund for All Your Tickets Amid CoronavirusFrom Disney World to your Coachella Airbnb.
  7. coronavirus
    Movie Theater Chains Cut Audience Capacity by Half Out of Coronavirus FearsIt’s an assertive, industry-leading response to new CDC guidelines regarding social distancing.
  8. ask an expert
    Is It Safe to Go to a Movie Theater Right Now?“If you can’t go to the movies and relax, what are you supposed to do?”
  9. meowdy
    Cats Flopped and Then Things Got InterestingIn special movie-theater screenings across the country, a film that is considered a financial disaster thrives.
  10. the industry
    Disney Is Quietly Placing Classic Fox Movies Into Its Vault, and That’s WorryingIt is, among other things, bad news for movie theaters that depend on repertory screenings to shore up increasingly shaky bottom lines.
  11. rip
    The Paris Theatre — One of Midtown’s Best! — Has ClosedRIP.
  12. at the movies
    The Farewell Says Hello to Year’s Highest Per-Theater Average Over EndgameWith a blackout and everything.
  13. movie theaters
    Your Guide to the Golden Age of Movie TheatersGoing to the movies is now way more delicious, comfy, convenient, and sensorial.
  14. modern life
    Californian Children Will Soon Get Their Own Luxury Cinemas With Jungle GymsCinépolis USA is opening two theaters with massive jungle gyms and play ares for tots.
  15. Russia Won’t Ban Beauty and the Beast, But There Will Be an Age RestrictionAudience members younger than 16 won’t be able to see the movie and its “exclusively gay moment.”
  16. movie theaters
    Moonlight Is Expanding to More Movie Theaters This WeekendBarry Jenkins’s movie is getting the usual post-Oscars expansion.
  17. movie theaters
    With His Netflix Check (Hopefully) Cashed, Scorsese Says Movie Theaters Are BestHis next movie with Robert De Niro, The Irishman, will be funded by Netflix.
  18. movie theaters
    Why Lorraine Bracco Only Saw Goodfellas for the First Time Last YearShe’d never seen the mob epic that nabbed her an Oscar nomination in full.
  19. old movies
    14 Classic Films Are Coming to Theaters in 2017The Graduate, Godfather, and The Princess Bride are all coming back.
  20. movie theaters
    The Sad, Surreal Experience of Seeing an Audience Laugh at MoonlightWere we watching the same movie?
  21. broadway
    Broadway’s She Loves Me Will Screen in Movie TheatersOn December 1.
  22. vulture hacks
    How to Find the Best Seat in Any Movie TheaterIt’s based on the placement of sound-tuning microphones.
  23. post-ruin porn
    Photos: The Most Beautiful Old Movie Palace in Brooklyn, Back From the BrinkBuilt for architectural escapism along with cinematic escapism.
  24. what happened?
    2014 Was the Worst Year for Movie Attendance Since 1995Thanks, in part, to underperforming summer sequels.
  25. sony hack
    Every Big Theater Chain Just Dropped The InterviewThe Sony hackers had threatened violence against any theater that showed the film.
  26. trailer mix
    Movie Theaters Establish Trailer-Length GuidelinesBye, 150-second trailer.
  27. oscar race
    Netflix Wants In on the Oscar RaceThe streaming powerhouse reportedly bought The Square.
  28. beef
    Beef: Netflix vs. Movie-Theater OwnersNetflix CCO Sarandos says theaters stifle innovation.
  29. movie trailers
    Movie Theaters Want Studios to Shorten TrailersJoin the club.
  30. when technology attacks
    Big Shot Producer Says Movie Theaters Are DoomedAnd it’s all the iPad’s fault.
  31. vulture lists
    Five Ideas to Lure Moviegoers Back to TheatersMovie-theater owners want you back in their seats. Here are several ways they’re hoping to make that happen.
  32. please turn off your cell phones
    Tell Us Your Worst Moviegoing ExperienceWe’ll collect the best (by which we mean most awful) anecdotes of fistfights, bodily fluids, and flashings for a slideshow.
  33. go joe!
    Will G.I. Joe’s Early DVD Release Kill Movie Theaters?“We don’t know what Paramount is up to, but it’s highly objectionable,” says the prez of the National Association of Theatre Owners.
  34. apropos of nothing
    Are You Ready for a $35 Movie Ticket?Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas are preparing to launch 50 super-luxe theaters, including tableside sushi and a call button for waiters.
  35. apropos of nothing
    Movie Theaters for Grown-ups Coming to New York?An infant catches the 10 p.m. show of The Bourne Ultimatum.
  36. apropos of nothing
    19-Year-Old Who Just Wanted to Spread the Gospel of Michael Bay May Go to JailJhannet Sejas will always remember the birthday she spent watching Transformers, and getting arrested.