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  1. goodbyes
    Moviepass Is Dead, Even After You Thought It Already WasIt flew too close to the sun.
  2. the industry
    MoviePass’ Server Breach Shows How It Plays Fast and Loose With User DataThe news comes weeks after another report that MoviePass changed users’ passwords to thwart ticket purchases after the company ran out of funds
  3. uh oh
    Moviepass Is Shut Down for Maintenance That Could Take WeeksThat’s right, weeks.
  4. the industry
    MoviePass Denies Report Claiming Company Lost 90 Percent of Its Users“We’re still standing.”
  5. surprise bitch
    MoviePass Is Back From the Dead With a New Unlimited Subscription PlanBut what about the Bruce Willis movie?
  6. dramatic irony
    MoviePass Unveils Billboard Campaign Same Day It’s Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit“MoviePass should never have been controversial — but we all could come up with multiple reasons for why it was.”
  7. movie subscription wars
    This $30-a-Month Service Wants to Be the New MoviePassIs there room for both?
  8. polls
    MoviePass’s Garbage Summer Continues With Terrible User FeedbackIt’s been a rough couple of weeks.
  9. movies
    In Sure Sign Its Business Isn’t Failing, MoviePass to Make a Bruce Willis Movie10 Minutes Gone, coming soon.
  10. Updated: MoviePass to Raise Subscription Price Amid Service OutagesAre these the final days for the “Netflix of movies”?
  11. the moviepass wars
    MoviePass to Implement Surge Pricing for Popular Films, So That Was Fun“High demand” rates will arrive in July.
  12. the industry
    AMC Launches $20 Subscription Plan to Rival MoviePassSay hello to AMC Stubs A-List.
  13. Can MoviePass Survive the Summer?The cut-rate service is growing fast, but bleeding cash.
  14. film
    MoviePass Users Shouldn’t Plan On Repeat Viewings of Infinity WarOr any other movie, for that matter.
  15. the industry
    MoviePass Backs Gotti Movie, Makes Them an Offer They Can’t RefuseGotti is MoviePass Ventures’ second indie movie deal.
  16. the industry
    Here Is Exactly How Much Money MoviePass Is LosingThe size of the loss, auditors say, “raises substantial doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”
  17. What’s Behind MoviePass’s Latest Power Moves?The “Netflix of Theaters” put AMC on blast and is moving into film distribution.
  18. the industry
    MoviePass Announces New Plan to Partner With Distributors to Acquire MoviesThe subscription ticket service unveiled their new subsidiary, MoviePass Ventures, at Sundance.
  19. MoviePass Works. Why Is Hollywood So ‘Meh’?“If we’re doubling the frequency of the customers who’ve been abandoning you, you’d think they’d cut us in on some of your increased profits.”
  20. MoviePass Is Attempting to Disrupt Hollywood — Will it Succeed?MoviePass is counting on the idea that exhibitors, faced with fleeing audiences and a seemingly flawed business model, are panicking.
  21. the film industry
    For $10 a Month, Unlimited Movies at the Theater Is Now a PossibilityHowever, AMC doesn’t want it used at their theaters.