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  1. chat room
    House of Gucci Screenwriter Explains Why Jared Leto Keeps Saying ‘Boof!’Screenwriter Roberto Benivegna walks us through Lady Gaga’s ad-libs, Paolo’s catchphrase, and that, uh, energetic sex scene.
  2. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can the Star-Studded Don’t Look Up Make an Impact?Early viewers have come away from Adam McKay’s asteroid comedy convinced the smartypants satirist has done it again.
  3. movie review
    Licorice Pizza’s Unlikely Romance Is the Least Interesting Thing About ItPaul Thomas Anderson’s love letter to the Valley in the ’70s is a series of delightful episodes attached to a less compelling central story.
  4. ban motion smoothing
    How to Turn Motion Smoothing Off on Your TVMake your TV go back and show movies the way they were supposed to be.
  5. “boof!”
    What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in House of Gucci?Did Patrizia really stalk Maurizio? Did Paolo really say “boof” a lot? We dig into Gucci history to separate fact from fiction.
  6. fan casting
    The Beatles Lord of the Rings Movie That Could Have BeenJohn Lennon *is* Gollum.
  7. now streaming
    The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right NowTitanic, My Fair Lady, Apocalypse Now, and more.
  8. movie review
    The Humans’ New York Thanksgiving Is All Too RealStephen Karam effectively adapts his stage drama for the screen, crafting an observant study of the things we share and suppress among family.
  9. vulture lists
    Every Will Smith Movie Performance, RankedHow does King Richard stack up against against the rest?
  10. holiday movies
    House of Gucci Is the Most Family Thanksgiving MovieGood or bad, a movie designed to unite your family in bafflement and joy.
  11. vulture lists
    What to See, Watch, and Stream This Thanksgiving WeekendFrom big-budget theatrical releases to quirky streaming comedies.
  12. movie review
    Encanto Is the Best Disney Animated Film Since FrozenA tale of magic and belonging, with a surprisingly intimate emotional journey at its core.
  13. vulture lists
    What to Watch After Binging Cowboy BebopIn the mood for more ennui?
  14. movie review
    Joaquin Phoenix Gives a Career-Best Performance in C’mon C’monMike Mills’s latest film is a balm for these chaotic, heartbreaking times.
  15. movie review
    House of Gucci Isn’t a Good Movie, But It’s Definitely a Good TimeIt’s shapeless, hammy as hell, and no one in it agrees on what an Italian accent sounds like — but the Lady Gaga–led fashion saga is undeniably fun.
  16. house of gucci
    Lady Gaga’s Method Approach to House of Gucci Fooled Even Ridley Scott“I thought, I think this has always been her. But it wasn’t,” the director tells Vulture.
  17. who is that?
    What Do Actors Lose When Prosthetics Become the Star?Hollywood’s obsession with making celebs “unrecognizable” is not helping their performances.
  18. a long talk
    Leave Mike Leigh AloneAfter all these years, the fascinating director still won’t take a job “if there’s the remotest possibility anybody is going to interfere.”
  19. collector’s edition
    A 2021 DVD Gift Guide for Movie LoversCriterion 4K releases, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Supernatural: The Complete Series, and more.
  20. now streaming
    The 50 Best Movies on PeacockEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Seven, Walk the Line, and 47 other great films.
  21. now streaming
    The 50 Best Movies on Paramount+Mission: Impossible, Roman Holiday, Fargo, and more.
  22. roll clip!
    Joaquin Phoenix Goes ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ in C’mon C’mon Exclusive ClipThe Mike Mills film is out now.
  23. vulture lists
    The 40 Best Christmas Movies of All TimeEstablished classics, new favorites, and even some horror.
  24. movie review
    Tick, Tick…Boom! Is a Fascinating, Fractured Portrait of a Creative MindThe musical’s film adaptation feels like flipping open a thrift store jacket that wasn’t designed to be reversible, but works anyway.
  25. now streaming
    The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right NowFear Street, Crimson Peak, Raw, and more.
  26. movie review
    Will Smith’s Performance Makes King Richard Worth SeeingIt’s not so much a biopic of Richard Williams, father to Venus and Serena, as it is a portrait of a family at a pivotal time in their lives.
  27. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is King Richard an Awards-Season Smash?In Will Smith, the tennis-dad biopic has the Best Actor front-runner. But where else can the film compete?
  28. gallery
    The Faces of Vulture Festival 2021We welcomed Issa Rae, Henry Winkler, John Cho, and dozens of other stars (plus one good dog) to our photo studio.
  29. now streaming
    The 30 Best Movies for Kids on NetflixSpy Kids, Jumanji, The Mitchells vs. the Machines, and more.
  30. trailer mix
    Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley Gets New Trippy TrailerStarring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett.
  31. respect the classics
    Tom Petty’s Daughter on the Ambitious Future of His Legacy“I’d love to see a museum dedicated to my father. I think that’s an undertaking that will take a great deal of time.”
  32. my single is dropping
    Cardi B Drops Knockout New Song ‘Bet It’ for Bruised SoundtrackIt’s her second solo song this year, after “Up.”
  33. a long talk
    ‘Should I Call You Daddy?’How C’mon C’mon director Mike Mills convinced Joaquin Phoenix to father his movie son.
  34. shell yeah
    The Marcel the Shell With Shoes On Movie Walks Its Way Over to A24Jenny Slate voices the mini main character.
  35. casting call
    Jonah Hill Is Truckin’ to Portray Jerry GarciaParallel beards.
  36. trailer mix
    Jennifer Lopez Plays a Messier J.Lo in the Marry Me TrailerBy messier, we mean marrying a fan when her pop-star boyfriend cheats on her.
  37. advent calendar
    Die Hard Is a Christmas … PuzzleThis is not up for debate.
  38. first person
    How Mel Brooks Fell for Anne Bancroft“We started talking one day, and we never stopped.”
  39. emergency discussion
    A Few Serious Questions About The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the StarWhat is atonement, and why does it mainly involve other people pretending to be blonde like you?
  40. movies
    Asghar Farhadi Declares That Iran Can Withdraw A Hero From Oscars ConsiderationThe filmmaker made a rare statement clarifying his anti-government stance on Instagram.
  41. trailer mix
    Channing Tatum Is Ruff-’n’-Ready to Hit the Road in the Dog TrailerThe buddy comedy, out in February, co-stars a Belgian Malinois.
  42. princess diana
    There Are So Many Dianas We Had to Assign SuperlativesFrom film to TV to a filmed musical performed onstage.
  43. trailer mix
    Nobody Cares About Leo, Jennifer, or Fiery Comets in the Don’t Look Up TrailerIt’s the end of the world, and everyone feels … a little too fine.
  44. first looks
    Here’s the First Footage of Austin Butler in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis BiopicThe film is currently set to release on June 24, 2022.
  45. the industry
    IATSE Narrowly Ratifies New Three-Year Contracts With AMPTPDespite 50.4 percent of members voting no on the Basic Agreement.
  46. vulture festival 2021
    Red Rocket Had to Seek the Approval of Every ’N Sync Member to Use ‘Bye Bye Bye’“So Justin has seen part of this movie.”
  47. vulture festival 2021
    Woody Norman Knows He Out-Acted Joaquin Phoenix in C’mon C’monAnd Phoenix agrees.
  48. born this way
    Lady Gaga Releases The Power of Kindness DocumentaryWorld Kindness Day is on November 13.
  49. chat room
    Zazie Beetz on Stagecoach Mary, Coping with Burnout, and Going Back to AtlantaThe Emmy-nominated actress on what she learned from Regina King and the Atlanta cast’s “24/7” group text.
  50. movie review
    Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast Is a Bolder Movie Than It SeemsThe director has made an autobiographical film, set during the Troubles, about lower-case t troubles.
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