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  1. movies
    IFC Films Faces Sanctions Over Lars von Trier MovieYou can’t just *screen* a Lars von Trier unrated director’s cut. You just can’t.
  2. movies
    Former MPAA Tech Officer Opposes SOPA and PIPAPaul Bringer’s time on the job led to him becoming a critic of the legislation.
  3. making the sausage
    Polone: Why I’m for SOPA, and How the Entertainment Industry Blew ItInstead of just politicking Congress, the MPAA should have publicly debunked four Internet myths about the anti-piracy bill.
  4. blue movies
    Teens Will Be Prevented From Experiencing ShameThat’s what the MPAA says, anyway.
  5. movies
    Blue Valentine Gets Its R RatingIt is NC-17 no more. Harvey’s will, it will be done.
  6. harvey
    Harvey Weinstein Points Out That Blue Valentine Does Not Have a Coughed-Up Penis In It“How did ‘Piranha 3D’ get an R and ‘Blue Valentine’ gets an NC-17? It’s ridiculous — a penis got coughed up in the movie by a piranha!”
  7. r rated
    Weinstein Co. Officially Appealing Blue Valentine’s NC-17 RatingHarvey Weinstein makes a statement.
  8. ratings
    MPAA Now Specifically Warning Viewers About ‘Male Nudity,’ Thanks to Sacha Baron Cohen“Parents requested specifically after the movie ‘Brüno’ that we provide such information.”
  9. the tillman story
    Weinstein Company Challenges Tillman Documentary’s R RatingRating given based on “excessive language.”
  10. ratings
    MPAA Upholds Beastie Boy’s Holocaust Doc’s R Rating“It’s unfortunate that a film with real educational and historic value would be denied to [young people] … “
  11. melpocalypse
    Mel Gibson’s The Beaver, Now Approved for 13-Year-OldsThe MPAA gives it a PG-13 rating.
  12. progress
    Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life Closer to Being Seen by General PopulationIt gets a PG-13 rating.
  13. staying the same
    Eat, Pray, Love Gets Rid of R Rating by Changing Absolutely NothingThe ratings board is a crazy organization.
  14. mpaa
    Bob Kerrey Will Probably Be the New Head of the MPAAThe job is “his to lose.”
  15. tv movies
    FCC Makes It Easier for You Never to Set Foot in a Movie TheaterWhich is probably short-sighted of them.
  16. pirates
    Blogger Escapes Movie-Piracy Arrest Thanks to Star of The HangoverIf you’re going to attempt to pirate a movie, you’d better be best friends with one of the film’s stars!
  17. terminators
    PG-13-Rated Terminator: Salvation Scrubbed of Crucial Screwdriver Stabbing SceneExplains director McG: “We thought, ‘Well, that would be ridiculous to make it tough for kids to go see this movie.”’
  18. money
    Hollywood Still Doesn’t Want You to Know About All the Money It Made Last YearHollywood’s 2008 entertainment-industry financial report neglects to include entertainment-industry financial reports.
  19. bruno
    MPAA Objects to Bruno’s Naked Hunting TripLike ‘Borat’ before it, Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming film has been hit with an NC-17 rating following its first submission to the MPAA.
  20. money
    Hollywood Doesn’t Want You to Know About All the Money It Made Last YearMPAA chairman Dan Glickman is delaying the release of 2008’s entertainment-industry report, to downplay the record-breaking box office.
  21. dept. of tiny violins
    Crappy Economy Threatens MPAAWhatever will we do?
  22. stupid
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Inexplicably Rated RWas the MPAA scared by the sight of so many brown people?
  23. apropos of nothing
    Kevin Smith Happily Battling MPAA Over ‘Porno’Smith’s new movie is allegedly in danger of an NC-17 rating, and we’re sure he’s thrilled.
  24. apropos of nothing
    The Entertainment Business’ War on Piracy Is Practically WonGreat news for content owners everywhere today as the Wall Street Journal reports that prosecutors are close to filing charges against the operators of Swedish BitTorrent hub the Pirate Bay with conspiracy to breach copyrights.
  25. the industry
    Yo Joe!Kevin Costner, Dallas, and a really dirty movie!