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Mr. Mayor

  1. the tina fey tv universe
    Mr. Mayor Gets a Second TermWe’ll always take more Ted Danson.
  2. chat room
    Holly Hunter ‘Thoroughly Enjoyed’ Pushing Down Chrissy Teigen for Mr. Mayor“She was so up for it and told me there was no way I could hurt her.”
  3. good one podcast
    If You Were Katy Perry, You’d Demand to Kiss Bobby Moynihan TooThe SNL alum joins this week’s Good One to reflect on his favorite memories from the show.
  4. tv review
    Mr. Mayor Is a Nice Political Comedy at a Very Not-Nice TimeComprising a sitcom dream team, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s latest is amusing, if not exactly dialed into the current climate.
  5. trailer mix
    Ted Danson Is the New Eric Garcetti in NBC’s Mr. Mayor TrailerHe has an idea for a robot police force.