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  1. reunions
    Bob Odenkirk, David Cross Reunite the Mr. Show Gang for a Night of New SketchesFeaturing some breaking news from GloboChem.
  2. prophecies
    Heinz’s Latest Product Is Straight from the Mr. Show PlaybookBob Odenkirk and David Cross were the first to free us from the two-jar grind.
  3. Talking ‘Guy Suavé: Homicidal Spy’ with Jay Johnston and Eric Von HoffmanEric Von Hoffman and Jay Johnston have helped create, write, and star as many characters during their time on shows like Mr. Show and W/ Bob […]
  4. ‘The Story of Everest’ and More of the Most Influential Comedy to Today’s […]If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time today, Decider published a great two-part series where they asked 25 comedy writers to write […]
  5. Watch the (NSFW) Trailer for an Unaired 2011 Adult Swim Pilot Starring Jay […]Back in 2011, Mr. Show writer Eric Von Hoffman created an Adult Swim pilot starring Jay Johnston and Rich Fulher called Guy Suave: Homicidal […]
  6. Bob Odenkirk, Fred Armisen, and Zach Galifianakis’ 2002 Sketch Show of […] Not long ago, media writers were talking about a “sketch boom” with shows like Inside Amy Schumer, Portlandia, Kroll Show, Key & Peele, […]
  7. Every Episode of ‘Mr. Show’ Will Be Available on HBO Now Next MonthIt looks like the fuzzy mystery of why Mr. Show wasn’t available on HBO’s streaming service has been solved behind the scenes, because today […]
  8. The Story of Mr. Show’s ‘The Story of Everest’ SketchThe secret origins of a famed and divisive sketch.
  9. ‘W/ Bob & David’ Brings Back That ‘Mr. Show’ Magic, Inconsistencies and AllThe first episode of W/ Bob & David, a not-quite-sequel, not-quite-reunion (continuation?) of cult favorite Mr. Show, begins with Bob […]
  10. the more things change the more they stay the same
    Odenkirk & Cross on /W Bob & David ChangesFrom the title to the pacing.
  11. With Bob and David Starts Off Rocky, But Gets Its Groove BackBy the time it glides into its second half, you can feel the old madcap sureness returning.
  12. Why You Can’t Watch ‘Mr. Show’ on HBO GoConsidering W/ Bob & David makes its Netflix premiere next week, you’d think that now would be a great time for HBO to make Mr. Show […]
  13. Keegan-Michael Key, Tom Kenny, Jill Talley, and More Pick Their Favorite […]To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mr. Show’s premiere and the Netflix debut of W/ Bob & David next week, Rolling Stone reached out to a […]
  14. ‘The Great Philouza": A Masterpiece of Old-Timey Comedy“I’m going to the general store! For a phosphate!” The fact that these quaint-sounding words are shouted in anger by David Cross is just one of […]
  15. sketchy
    Watch the First Sketch From W/ Bob and DavidThe boys are back with some outlandish “Resolutions.”
  16. How to Watch ‘W/ Bob & David’ in the Shadow of ‘Mr. Show’I had a single thought fixed in my head as I fired up my laptop to preview Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s first post-Mr. Show series, W/ Bob […]
  17. exclusive
    Watch the First Trailer for With Bob and David Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’s big sketch-comedy return starts Nov. 13.
  18. Watch the First Trailer for W/ Bob & DavidBob Odenkirk and David Cross’s big sketch-comedy return starts November 13.
  19. Sketch Anatomy: Jonathan Stern Breaks Down ‘Mr. Show’s ‘The Audition’Welcome to our column Sketch Anatomy, where we ask some of our favorite comedy writers to choose any sketch — one they personally wrote or one […]
  20. Odenkirk and Cross Might Make More Episodes of ‘With Bob and David’In anticipation of their Netflix series premiering this fall, Vanity Fair sat down for an interview with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross to talk […]
  21. The ‘Mr. Show’ DVD Commentaries Are the Funniest Sketch Comedy Masterclass […]First of all, I’m very sorry for writing a thing about a DVD commentary. I know they are kind of a silly thing to begin with, and many people […]
  22. Paul F. Tompkins and Jerry Minor Talk ‘Mr. Show,’ ‘SNL,’ and Dumb Men in […]Here’s the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins’s web series Speakeasy with his old Mr. Show pal Jerry Minor. The two talk about Minor’s early […]
  23. contest
    Contest: See a Live Taping of With Bob and DavidTake our Mr. Show quiz to win!
  24. Here’s an Exclusive Look at ‘With Bob and David’s Secret ‘Mr. Show’ […]The first live taping of Netflix’s With Bob and David takes place in Los Angeles tonight, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have a ticket, […]
  25. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Rockin’ Rangers’ There are many ways to make a great sketch. One of those ways is ensuring you’ve established stakes that are  introduced early on in the piece […]
  26. ‘With Bob and David’ Tapes Live in Los Angeles Later This MonthGreat news, Mr. Show fans: David Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s upcoming Netflix sketch show With Bob and David is taping live segments in Los […]
  27. reunions
    Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are Getting a New Netflix Sketch ShowWith Bob and David.
  28. Netflix Orders Odenkirk/Cross Sketch Show ‘With Bob and David’ to SeriesAt long last, the rumored Mr. Show reunion is headed to Netflix. Deadline reports that the streaming network has ordered four half-hour […]
  29. Bob Odenkirk and the Integrity of IdeasIn the recent broadcast of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary, there’s a moment where the camera catches Joe Piscopo from behind as he […]
  30. Bob Odenkirk Says the ‘Mr. Show’ Reunion Might Be a New Sketch Comedy ShowThe A.V. Club has a new interview out today with Bob Odenkirk to promote Sunday’s premiere of Better Call Saul, and near the end of the […]
  31. David Cross on Kickstarter, Millennials, and His Directorial Debut ‘Hits’2015 is off to a great start for David Cross. Not long after launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution costs for his new film Hits, […]
  32. David Cross Needs Your Help Distributing ‘Hits,’ and the ‘Mr. Show’ […]David Cross has decided to take a different approach in releasing his directorial debut Hits through a new Kickstarter campaign. The film – […]
  33. Paul F. Tompkins Teases a 2015 ‘Mr. Show’ ReunionIt’s no longer a question of whether or not a Mr. Show reunion is happening, but how long will we have to wait for it? Mr. Show writer/cast […]
  34. There Is No Such Thing as a Smart Fart JokeIt’s kind of good and fun, or at least strangely comforting, to have this positivist attitude about comedy and comedy writing, that if you just […]
  35. Bob Odenkirk on Being an Amateur Standup and the Inevitable Decline of […]Bob Odenkirk may be busier than ever, starring in the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, but that doesn’t mean he’s put comedy on […]
  36. Diving Deep Into the Legendary ‘Mr. Show’ Season 3 Writing StaffWriting Staff Breakdown is a new Splitsider column that takes a writing staff from a beloved TV comedy, examines their individual contributions […]
  37. Watch ‘Mr. Show’ Alums David Cross and Paul F. Tompkins Catch Up with a […] David Cross is the guest on the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins’s excellent interview web series, Speakeasy, which debuted today. The […]
  38. Talking to Paul F. Tompkins About ‘Speakeasy’, Ice-T, and ‘Mr. Show’s 20th […]2014 has been a busy year for Paul F. Tompkins so far. He’s starring in an ABC sitcom pilot opposite Molly Shannon and hosting the web chat […]
  39. Watch Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins Have a Chat on ‘Speakeasy’ Here’s the latest episode of Paul F. Tompkins’s web chat show Speakeasy, with guest Scott Aukerman, host of Comedy Bang! Bang! and, like […]
  40. This Week in Web Videos: ‘The Audition’ Last week, we published the 90th installment of This Week In Web Video’s (formerly called “This Week’s Web Series You Need To Watch”). It […]
  41. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Were ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Last Night Bob Odenkirk and David Cross appeared on The Daily Show last night to promote their book, Hollywood Said No!, and not only sat down with Jon […]
  42. last night on late night
    See Jon Stewart Geek Out Over Mr. Show With Bob Odenkirk and David CrossOr so he tells Bob Odenkirk and David Cross.
  43. Talking to Bob Odenkirk About ‘Hollywood Said No!’, ‘The Birthday Boys’, […]It’s a big year for Bob Odenkirk. In addition to Breaking Bad ending its run with its highly-anticipated remaining episodes airing over the […]
  44. ‘Mr. Show’ Composer Eban Schletter Has a New Earwolf PodcastThe absurdly talented Eban Schletter, who’s served as a composer on Mr. Show, The Pod F. Tompkast, SpongeBob SquarePants, and countless other […]
  45. Tonight’s ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ Features Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Weird Al, […]Most episodes of Scott Aukerman’s IFC series Comedy Bang Bang are chock-full of big-time comedy types, but tonight’s episode (airing at 10pm) […]
  46. How to Make a Sketch Comedy Show with Bob and David and the ‘Mr. Show’ […]The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  47. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Announce September Tour DatesBob Odenkirk and David Cross are getting ready to do their first joint tour since 2002, and they just announced a bunch of dates today on the […]
  48. This Week in Comedy: Dave Chappelle is Back On Tour, Bob and David Are […]-Funny or Die announced The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival live tour featuring Dave Chappelle, Flight of the Conchords, Hannibal […]
  49. The 24 Best ‘Mr. Show’ Sketches, In OrderWe ranked the 24 best ‘Mr. Show’ sketches of all time in this definitive list that you can’t possibly argue with because it’s perfect.
  50. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross Are Doing a Sketch Together on ‘Comedy Bang […]There’s going to be a little Mr. Show reunion on TV this summer. Scott Aukerman, a former Mr. Show writer, revealed to EW this week that Bob […]
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