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    The Weeknd Is Working on Two Screenplays in QuarantineTimothée Chalamet, call your agent.
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    Actor Dermot Mulroney Played the Part of Unseen Cello Player in Rogue OneHe was the 11th chair in the cello section of the soundtrack’s orchestra.
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    PSA: Kanye West’s Scarf Line Is Now Available for PurchaseGo, now!
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    Will Smith, Screenwriter, and Other Reasons Men in Black III Is a Mess“He’s become very enamored with aspects of screenwriting.”
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    Lieutenant Daniels From The Wire Has Released an Album“I left music school because I was in denial because I wanted to be a rock star.”
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    Kim Kardashian’s Music Debut Went Over Great, Say Totally Unbiased Anonymous Sources“Oh my god! [The response was] huge. People wanted an encore and the DJ only played it once, but they wanted to hear it again.”
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    Swizz Beatz Provides Adorable Art Advice“You can invest just for the value of the art, which I don’t really recommend. I did that before and I ended up with a bunch of expensive paintings that I didn’t want to hang on my wall.”
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    Indie-Rock Supergroup Recruits Michael CeraMister Heavenly has just raised their profile dramatically.