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  1. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Interviews a MummyThe best and only thing you have to watch today.
  2. I Stand Vigilant Before Master’s Sarcophagus and Yet Heroes Keep Breaking […] For centuries, I have had the honor of protecting Master’s sarcophagus. I stand motionless, and am surrounded by dust; by rot; by a silence […]
  3. biopicked
    An Otzi the Iceman Biopic ComethWhat’s The Revenantier than being The Revenant? Ice cold!
  4. the industry
    The Mummy Remake Casts First Female MummyOpposite Tom Cruise.
  5. tv
    Watch a Short Interspecies Mummy-on-Human Love StoryA beautiful young mummy finds love in a most unexpected place.