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    The Instagram Account ‘Change the Museum’ Is Doing Just ThatCurator Gary Garrels loses his job at SFMoMA.
  2. art
    Donald Judd’s Minimalist Legacy Is All Around UsThe artist wanted his work totally empty. Which allowed the world to make anything out of it.
  3. art and architecture
    Two Critics — Art and Architecture — Compare Their New MoMA ExperiencesSaltz and Davidson on the newly expanded museum.
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    What Does the New MoMA Mean for Modernism? And What Was Modernism Anyway?The reimagined Museum of Modern Art tries to open itself up.
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    Ranking New York’s Most Toxic Museum BoardsWho might activists try to take down next?
  6. exclusive
    MoMA Is Screening Twin Peaks: The Return for FreeIs it future or is it past? Is it TV or is it film?
  7. Hanging in the Babylonests With Hélio OiticicaPre-Instagram pretty boys lounge.
  8. trump travel ban
    MoMa Foregrounds Art From Countries Affected by Trump Travel BanThe museum is moving pieces from the Western canon in order to showcase art from Iran, Iraq, and Sudan.
  9. art du jour
    The World’s First Emoji Are Going to Be Displayed at MoMA[Face with tears of joy emoji.]
  10. reasons to love new york
    How Jerry Saltz Learned to Love the MoMA AgainThis year, MoMA reminded us just how indispensable and, at times, spectacular it can be.
  11. seeing out loud
    ‘The Forever Now’ Is MoMA’s Market MomentWhat the year’s big survey show tells us about contemporary painting.
  12. new moma at 10
    Everybody Has Always Hated MoMAA #TBT look through our archives reveals not much has changed since (at least) 1976.
  13. new moma at 10
    This Artist Turned the MoMA Into the Death StarHas the museum gone to the dark side?
  14. seeing out loud
    MoMA’s 10-Year StruggleHappy anniversary, Yoshio Taniguchi Building!
  15. review
    MoMA’s Schemes for Fixing Urban Problems Are Either Too Dainty or Too SweepingThe museum’s “Uneven Growth” exhibition feels shaky and simplistic, predicated on a vague and reductive view of global economics and an inflated belief in the power of architecture.
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    Sigmar Polke Can’t Stop, Won’t StopThree gallery shows of the German genius just opened, right on the heels of his MoMA show.
  17. I Love Björk, But a MoMA Retrospective Is a Terrible IdeaMoMA’s “mad marriage of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and amusement park.”
  18. seeing out loud
    Seeing Out Loud: Saltz on Sigmar Polke at MoMA“A show of a great artist with great work that fails to be great.”
  19. seeing out loud
    Saltz: This Renovation Plan Will Ruin MoMAThe greatest collection of modernism on Earth has been relegated to rotating storage.
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    See This Art: Jerry Saltz’s Walking Tours of New York Galleries and MuseumsSingling out 44 particular pieces he loves.
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    Davidson on How to Adapt the American Folk Art MuseumDavidson: “There is a more attractive alternative.”
  22. Jerry Saltz to MoMA’s Trustees: Please, Reject This Awful Expansion PlanAn art critic’s plea.
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    Saltz: The Next MoMA Expansion Is As Big a Mess As the Last One“The more I heard and saw, the sicker and sadder I got.”
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    Davidson: MoMA Reveals Its Expansion PlansAnd the fate of the American Folk Art Museum.
  25. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz: My Final Word on MoMA’s Woman Problem“I’ve said this enough times, and I am done complaining about it.”
  26. architecture
    Justin Davidson on MoMA’s Departing Barry BergdollThe museum will lose a quiet crusader.
  27. Davidson: MoMA May Not Tear Down the American Folk Art Museum After AllPotentially good news for the museum’s defenders.
  28. art review
    Jerry Saltz: The Scream Is ComingThe Munch that ate New York.