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  1. radio vulture
    Now Isn’t the Time for More Music-Industry SilenceRecord labels have known about these issues since long before it became radioactive behavior to stay quiet.
  2. radio vulture
    Coronavirus Should Be a Turning Point for the Music IndustryIt’s the nightmare scenario that calls the viability of the whole business structure into question.
  3. atlanta
    Atlanta’s Second Season Expertly Skewers the Music IndustryOne scene was inspired by an awkward experience the Atlanta team had at Apple Music.
  4. the music biz
    The Music Industry Finally Had a Good Year in 2016 Thanks to Streaming and Drake2016 was the best year for the music industry in eight years.
  5. the streaming wars
    29 Musicians and Celebs on How They Stream MusicYes, some artists are totally fine with their music being free.
  6. the dream of the 90s is alive in nashville
    Why Country Fans Still Buy the Most CDsThe long-held belief remains true in the streaming age, even if country’s new generation looks less to Walmart’s CD section.
  7. The Best Showbiz Movies on NetflixFrom Shake, Rattle & Rock! to Sunset Boulevard, these are Vulture’s Netflix picks for entertainment about making entertainment.
  8. the sound of money
    How Pop Stars Make Money NowFrom tour sponsorship to singing-competition coaching.
  9. the sound of money
    Why the Vinyl Boom Is Actually a DroughtWith vinyl sales at the highest in decades, skeptics say there’s nowhere to go but down. Maybe then pressing plants will actually be able to meet demand.
  10. the sound of money
    Timeline: 180 Years of the Music Industry’s Partnerships, Sales, and Sell-offsBefore it became the consolidated behemoth it is today, the business was a tangled web.
  11. the industry
    Major-Label Rappers Stay ‘Independent’Wiz Khalifa and the Drake Phenomenon.