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Musical Adaptations

  1. shock me shock me shock me
    Oh My God, an Empire Records Musical Is Coming to BroadwayShock me, shock me, shock me!
  2. musicals
    Muriel’s Wedding The Musical Will Debut in 2017The only reason to ever return to Porpoise Spit.
  3. musical adaptations
    Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell Will Be a Musical Original songwriter Jim Steinman is behind the script.
  4. musical adaptations
    Friday Night Lights the Musical Is HappeningClear eyes, full lungs!
  5. musical adaptations
    There Will Be a Musical Version of The O.C.The show’s creator will be a character.
  6. musical adaptations
    See the Homeland MusicalImagine no further.
  7. musical adaptations
    Watch an Incredible Breaking Bad Musical“I’m breaking bad / He’s breaking bad!”