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  1. best of 2018
    The 10 Best Crime Books of 2018Opium smugglers, mad scientists, Instagram socialites, and serial killers fictional and real.
  2. investigations
    Did Sacha Baron Cohen Really Buy a Greek Island for Who Is America?The bizarre mystery behind a press release, a prank, and Tragonisi island.
  3. books
    Megan Abbott Is Back, With a Further Exploration of Female RageIn Give Me Your Hand, the thriller writer probes the psychological underpinnings of women who kill.
  4. obits
    Mystery Author Sue Grafton Dies at 77Her famous Kinsey Millhone series will end with 2017’s Y Is For Yesterday.
  5. Everything We Definitely Know About The Room’s Tommy WiseauTommy Wiseau directed the legendarily awful 2003 motion picture The Room; this we know for certain. Beyond that, things start to get murky.
  6. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson Is a Shattering DocumentaryThe film investigates the mysterious death of trans activist and icon Marsha P. Johnson — and the city that let it go unsolved for decades.
  7. mysteries
    It Looks Like Laura Dern’s Going to Have a Big Part in the Twin Peaks RevivalShe will talk about birds “at least once.”
  8. mysteries
    New Alien: Covenant Prologue Jumps Back to the End of PrometheusNoomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender go on a little space trip.
  9. hands wide shut
    Nicole Kidman Says Her Seal-Like Oscars Clap Was to Protect Her Diamond RingsDiamonds are not this girl’s best friend!
  10. mysteries
    J.J. Abrams Teases New Hulu Series With Stephen King“Castle Rock” is a mystery built on many mysteries.
  11. vulture lists
    9 British Murder-Mystery Shows to Stream Right NowThere’s no such thing as too many Agatha Christie adaptations.
  12. vulture lists
    Every Current Suspect for ‘A’ on PLLWe have a few dads here.
  13. mysteries
    Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington Says Her Purse Was Stolen at the Emmys“Came back to my seat and some bastard had nicked my purse.”
  14. the industry
    Eileen to Be Adapted by Girl on the Train WriterThrillers, thrillers, everywhere!
  15. richard simmons
    Rep: Richard Simmons Isn’t Being Held at Home“Richard, after 40 years of being in the spotlight, is now simply taking a break from the public eye.”
  16. How the Video of Christine Chubbuck’s Suicide Became a Very Macabre ‘Holy Grail’No one’s been able to track it down, but not for lack of trying.
  17. mysteries
    Wait, Maybe That Taylor Swift Song Isn’t About Jake GyllenhaalThe mystery lives on.
  18. mysteries
    What Got Dustin Hoffman Blacklisted From Hollywood?The actor confided in Gary Oldman that he couldn’t work for years after Tootsie.
  19. New Natalie Wood Accusations Aimed at Robert WagnerAccording to the boat captain.
  20. Investigation Into Natalie Wood’s Death ReopenedWell, this is unexpected.
  21. mysteries
    Actress Sues IMDb for Revealing Her AgeUnsurprisingly, the plaintiff wants to remain anonymous.
  22. mysteries
    Lady Gaga Explains Why You Mistakingly Think She Ripped Off ‘Express Yourself’It was the chord progression.
  23. mysteries
    Why Did The Atlantic Take Down Their Unflattering Jay-Z Article?“[We heard] only that the piece was pulled for unspecified editorial reasons.”
  24. mysteries
    Sammy Hagar Was Abducted by Aliens, Says Sammy Hagar“They downloaded something into me! Or they uploaded something from my brain.”
  25. mysteries
    Found: Baby From the Ready to Die CoverHe is no longer a baby.
  26. mysteries
    Somehow, Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke’s Collaboration Is Going Straight to DVD’Passion Play’ even co-starred Bill Murray!
  27. mysteries
    What Is Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Hollywood Secret’?Comedian to stop by Larry King’s desk this Thursday.
  28. lost
    Final Lost Cast Photo Potentially Reveals ClueSomeone’s missing!
  29. Is Ben Folds on ChatRoulette?Some think that “Merton” is actually already famous.
  30. music
    Can You Solve the Mystery of the ‘Unidentified Blonde Woman Covered in Ashy Muck’?A strange musical puzzle.
  31. mysteries
    Brittany Murphy Update: There Is No UpdatePlus: What do Matt Damon and Brad Pitt have to do with it?
  32. mysteries
    Brittany Murphy Update: Her Husband Denies OD Rumors, Cornucopia of Prescription Meds Found in Their HomePlus: Her husband was left out of her will.
  33. mysteries
    Brittany Murphy Roundup: Suffering From Flulike Symptoms for Days, ‘Was Barely There’ on Recent Movie ShootAuthorities are conducting an autopsy, but the coroner is said to believe that Murphy passed away from ‘natural causes.’
  34. mysteries
    Rihanna Ending the Wait for Something SoonRihanna says: “THE WAIT IS OVA - 11.23.09.”
  35. mysteries
    Final Beatles: Rock Band Song a SurpriseSo far, the names of only 44 of the 45 songs featured in next week’s The Beatles: Rock Band have been announced.
  36. mysteries
    So How Come Justin Timberlake Was a No-show at Michael Jackson’s Funeral?We wish we knew!
  37. mysteries
    What Caused Michael Jackson’s Death?Authorities have been unable to locate Jackson’s personal physician.
  38. mysteries
    Mystery of Thurston Moore’s Controversial Late Night T-Shirt Solved!Vulture cracked the case, y’all!
  39. mad libs
    Parks and Recreation: The Iron [bleep] of PawneeIt’s up to you, loyal Vulture commenters, to help us figure out what the “[bleep]” stands for.
  40. mysteries
    So Just Who in the Sam Hill Is Jacob, Anyway?Beats us! Still, we have some theories that just might interest you.
  41. mysteries
    Did We Finally Meet the Mother in Last Night’s How I Met Your Mother?Impossible to say!
  42. mysteries
    What Did You See?Heck if we know!
  43. mysteries
    Not Even Katherine Heigl Knows Katherine Heigl’s Fate“I don’t know if I live or die.”
  44. mysteries
    Tao Lin Is Maybe Probably Not the Hipster Runoff GuyInstead, he’s maybe a guy from Texas named Carlos.
  45. mysteries
    Oscars to Be Presented ‘in a Completely Different Way’So what the heck does this mean?
  46. mysteries
    Who Will Present Oscars to This Year’s Completely Predictable Winners?This year, viewers won’t know who’ll be opening envelopes until presenters’ names are announced at the Kodak Theatre on February 22.
  47. mysteries
    Mariska Hargitay: Found!We get to the bottom of why she skipped the Golden Globes.
  48. mysteries
    James Franco: Found!We get to the bottom of why he skipped the Golden Globes.
  49. science
    Computers Not Sure Why You Like ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ EitherNetflix’s recommendation engine has no idea if you’ll like ‘Napoleon Dynamite,’ ‘I Heart Huckabees,’ or ‘Kill Bill.’
  50. mysteries
    Does the ‘Watchmen’ Movie End Like the Book After All?Maybe!
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