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N Word

  1. this is country music
    Morgan Wallen Is a Problem of Country Music’s Own MakingIf Wallen is going to be packaged and pushed aside as an abhorrent anomaly, a false narrative gets to go unchecked.
  2. please make it stop
    Not to Be Outdone by His Brother, Jake Paul Caught Saying N-Word in Leaked VideoToday in Worst Paul Brother news.
  3. bad tweets
    The Wire Creator Ignites N-Word Controversy“Use of the wrong racial vernacular was precise intended metaphor for use of wrong racial interlocutor.”
  4. n-word
    Oprah Told Macca Not to Let Kanye Say the N-Word“Yeah, but it’s Kanye!”
  5. The Story Behind Black-ish’s Provocative N-Word Episode“This is the year of transgender topics. When did it not become the year for racial topics or women’s rights? Or cancer?”
  6. clickables
    Watch Samuel L. Jackson Try to Get an Interviewer to Say the N-WordIt’s awkward.